Odin's Riches: A Slot Review

Microgaming brings the thunder yet again with this incredible video slot game based on the big man Odin himself. Much has to be said for the designers behind this edition because it’s a true Asguard-worthy masterpiece. Packed with enough features to fill anyone’s boots, users can benefit from an outstanding bonus of 5000x the bet depending on the amount placed. Throughout this article, we will take a look at what players have to look forward to on their epic Norse god adventure.

Theme and Design

Odin’s Riches slot game is based around the mythology of the Norse god of wisdom. Those who don’t know who Odin is should watch the Thor Marvel films that loosely deal with him. The game’s colors are vibrant and made more thrilling by the enjoyable soundtrack, which adds texture to the overall experience.

Throughout your Norse adventure, you will encounter animal motifs including wolves, serpents, dragons, and ravens. Further, there are four low-paying rune stones to keep an eye out for. The game is set on a fairly large screen but is perfectly designed to scale and fit any device size.

The Technical Side

Odin’s Riches gameplay is easy to follow and understand, following similar formats to other online slot games. To start your adventure, you need to cast a minimum of $0.20, with payments capped at $50. This game features a 7x7 cluster grid, in which you can win by spinning a cluster of 5 or more similar symbols. As you’d guess, the more like symbols you land the higher your payout will be. This slot has high volatility, which means that you will go more rounds without winning, but when you do, you’ll win big. The maximum bonus available is 5000x the bet placed.

Bonus Features

This game features the classic Rolling Reels. With this, when a winning combo is created it eliminates winning symbols from the reels (with new symbols replacing them). Reels will continue to roll, and symbols will be replaced as long as you’re landing your wins

Another important feature in this game is the bonus rounds. Once you’ve amassed 125 symbols the feature will be triggered. As a reward, Odin will gift you seven free spins. Initially, the spins will have a 1x multiplier but will increase each time you activate the Mini Features.

The Verdict

Odin’s Riches is a beautiful slot experience with high volatility and high cash-out opportunities for the cautious player. Embrace your inner Norse god and join the greats as you battle it out for that bonus.

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