Numero Uno Slot Review

Do you consider yourself well-versed in all things online slots? Do you also consider yourself somewhat of a top player? If so, why not test your skills with Numero Uno, a new release from Games Global? This game has been described as a "boisterous" Mexican wrestling-themed game, which gives you an indication of just how intense and fun it is. You are competing to become Numero Uno, in other words, the top dog of the ring. There's nothing laid back or dull here and don't expect this one to be a quick casual game, as it won't take long for you to become hooked.

Let's take a look at all the highlights of the Numero Uno slots.

A Love for Mexican Style Wrestling

One thing that is evident real fast is that love and appreciation of Mexican-style wrestling are needed to fully get everything happening here. It's all about big dramatic moves, over-the-top characters and personalities, and of course plenty of fun masks worn by the wrestlers. But what you may not expect is the fact that the "wrestlers" are all animals who look almost look like cartoon superheroes.

To help set the scene and the intensity level in the game, there are cheering crowds that will react throughout your rounds and the classic Mariachi-style music, which has an almost frenzied quality to it. Everything works together flawlessly to create a theme that is visually and audibly spectacular.

Many Ways to Win

As for the gaming basics, Games Global seems to be well aware of what works and what players are looking for. The grid features five reels and three rows which give players a rather staggering 243 pay lines. It makes everything a bit more exciting as there is so much going on.

The volatility is high, and the hit frequency is 31.52%, which means about one in three spins wins. The RTP has three different models which range from 92.04% to 95.22%. The minimum bet is $0.20, which is fairly standard, and the maximum is a very high $120. You can see how that gives you a lot of room to strike it big. As for the maximum win, it's 2,100 times the stake.

Things Get Exciting When Special Features are Triggered

While nothing is boring about the gameplay, the excitement level increases significantly when a special feature is triggered. This is when you'll get a chance to see why the game shines as much as it does.

There are free spins which include a progressive multiplier feature, a Wild Showdown that guarantees a win and activates a random feature to keep things interesting, and the Rolling Reels, which is always a fan favorite with online slots. If you're a fan of any of these types of special features, expect to get plenty of thrills since they seem to trigger so often.

It’s Time to Step into the Ring

If you're ready to experience big thrills and excitement then you're ready to step into the virtual wrestling ring and try your luck with the new Numero Uno slots.

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