Noble Sky Review

New Valley Studios in partnership with Microgaming released quite an interesting slot game in the steampunk theme recently, called Noble Sky. Steampunk is neither absent nor very common as a theme for slot games, but what Noble Sky has created is quite unique because of how they have implemented the theme by introducing high-flying balloons and of course, the sky itself.

Is it as good as other steampunk slot games that came before it, or does it surpass them all somehow? Most importantly, is it worth your precious time and money to go on this particular quest for epic wins? Let’s go over it all and find out.

The Basics

Noble Sky is a 5x3 video slot with 25 paylines, and a bet range that starts from $0.25/bet and goes up as high as $25/bet. An average 96.12% RTP rate is nothing to scoff at or boast off today; however, what makes Noble Sky a surprisingly good game to win big is its amazing hit frequency of 44.45%! Considering the fact that most slots struggle to get past the 25% mark, they’re onto a good thing here. The maximum possible winning multiplier is 5,000x and that can theoretically allow for some pretty big wins. No megaways can be found in Noble Sky and it’s not a progressive jackpot, but there Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpots to consider.

Theme, Sound and Graphics

The soundtrack is particularly good and imbues that sense of adventure quite well, and there are occasional animations that may surprise you with their impressive quality. However, Noble Sky isn’t exactly a visual masterpiece in the slot gaming genre by any means. It looks good, but nothing really stands out in terms of visual effects in this slot. Even then, the simplistic art style has its own charms, accentuated by the surprisingly good special animations that keep things looking interesting on screen.

Gameplay and Bonuses

Not much is different in Noble Sky’s gameplay from what we see with the average 5x3 or 5x4 slots, but there are of course, slight variations that make it worth exploring. The primary gameplay and bonus features are as follows:

  1. 9-A royals are the low pay symbols, the compass and the top hat are the mid pay symbols, and the two aristocratic females, as well as the gentleman captain, are the high pay symbols
  2. The Airship is a wild symbol and five of them in a reel will trigger Noble Sky’s respin bonus
  3. The respins can be triggered a total of five times within the bonus rounds, which will sequentially lead to 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x bonus multipliers appearing
  4. Wild or Jackpots cannot be triggered within the respin bonus rounds
  5. On collecting sufficient Vault Coins from regular symbols during spins, a Vault Bonus will be initiated
  6. After the Vault Bonus becomes active, the entire reel will be cleared and a total of 12 Vault coins will be the only interactive elements on screen
  7. If the player is lucky and manages to pick three gold coins that reveal the same color, they will win the corresponding jackpot
  8. Blue, purple, red and gold are the four colors that represent the Mini (15x), Minor (40x), Major (500x) and Grand (5,000x) jackpots respectively

Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

An average RTP and a high hit frequency makes Noble Sky a good slot to win small and big for both long-term and short-term players, so it comes recommended just for that alone. Frequent hit is not the only aspect that Noble Sky has going for it though, since it also feels like a different experience from the average steampunk themed slots games. Despite that, Noble Sky is not the best game in this genre, but can be considered a pretty good and satisfying experience all the same, especially for casual slot gamers.

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