Noble Rats

Rats may not be the most popular animals around, but in the world of Noble Rats, they are the ones that matter. This is a 5x5 slot game with a unique and unconventional theme, so join us as we take a closer look at this game to find out if the rats here really are as noble as they say!


The player is led straight to the betting screen once the game finishes loading, and whatever amount they select is saved as their default betting amount for the rest of the session.

You can, of course, scroll the Bet Selector Slider up or down to increase or decrease the default amount respectively for each round as well.


In order to win, the player will need to match symbols on the rows (left -> right), but there are two exceptions here.

  • Scatters trigger bonuses, but they do not pay
  • Wilds can become any symbol except the scatter sign, but in normal mode, they will only be seen on the bonus reel

Once the round is over, all-way wins are multiplied by the total amount staked.


The bonus features or 12 free spins are activated when you get four or more scatters. If you get more than four scatters, each additional scatter symbol will give you an additional spin.

The free-spins multiplier continues to increase by 1x after every Cascade, and at the end of all the bonus rounds, your total winning amount gets multiplied by whatever the free-spins multiplier has become at that point.

It’s particularly nice to see that Noble Rats allows the re-triggering of the 12 free spins bonus, even within the bonus rounds. This increases the player’s chances of winning big significantly, as they can keep playing, while the free-spins multiplier continues to become more and more valuable.


One should be particularly careful with selecting the betting amount and the paylines at the beginning of the round because once you hit a bonus stage, the bets cannot be increased or decreased.

Wilds are limited only to the bonus reel on the normal screen, but they are free to appear anywhere and replace any symbol (except the scatter) to help the player win.

There is a helpful Summary screen in Noble Rats so players can take a comprehensive and detailed look through their winnings so far in the game.

Special Feature

Unique to Noble Rats is a special Buy Free Spins feature for players to take advantage of. It’s an easy and instant way for players to get a head start by getting the following.

  • A minimum of 12 Free spins are immediately guaranteed
  • If you get more than 4 scatters, each extra one earns you 5 more spins

Should You Try It?

Noble Rats has a unique art style, offers a way to increase your chances of winning significantly, and most importantly, the simplistic appeal of the mechanics of the game is extremely easy to get a hang of. There is no reason to skip this one!

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