Neptune’s Riches : Oceans of Wilds

Neptune’s Riches is the latest game from Just For The Win, a developer with a reputation for volatile games with potentially enormous payouts. Expectations are now high where Just For The Win is concerned. Does Neptune’s Riches live up to the reputation? Let’s take a look.


As the name suggests, Neptune’s Riches is a digital slot game themed around the famed underwater god Neptune, sometimes known as Poseidon. On the surface, the visual design of the game doesn’t look like anything special. However, once you have spent some time with Neptune’s Riches and seen the little design touches that underpin the game, you will come to appreciate the level of care and attention that has gone into it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of getting around the middling first impression that Neptune’s Riches gives. However, this is in part due to the fact that we have gotten so used to these slot games trying to overwhelm us with dazzling graphics the moment we load them up. Neptune’s Riches takes a different approach and prioritizes its feature set over its aesthetics.

The game is available on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Players can bet anything from 10 cents, up to 10 dollars. The innovative feature set makes it possible to earn some big wins on Neptune’s Riches - significantly more than many of its competitors.

The game uses nine regular symbols, along with a host of wilds and specials. Many of these symbols are in keeping with the game’s underwater themes, but there are also some outliers, including face cards.

Slot Features

There are various multipliers, re-spins, and other special features for new players to get to grips with. One of the main selling points of Neptune’s Riches is that it offers some insane multipliers and isn’t shy about throwing the player wilds and specials. If you land a wild key on the second, third, or fourth reel, you can trigger the Rising Wild Respin feature. This feature means that the middle three reels change to display a multiplier. This multiplier applies to any multiplier wild located beneath.

Landing two or more Multiplier Wilds on a winning line will mean that their respective values are multiplied. These Multiplier Wilds are the key to earning the biggest payouts Neptune’s Riches has to offer.

The Final Verdict

Developer Just For The Win has gained a reputation for producing highly volatile games with the potential for high rewards. Neptune’s Riches continues these trends, with potential wins that can go as high as 25,000 times the players’ initial stake.

However, this isn’t a game for anyone. Some people are sticklers for visual design, in which case you might find Neptune’s Riches somewhat underwhelming. The audio design is more impressive and works well, but it is an overall subdued approach to design.

The relatively frequent wilds, re-spins, special symbols, and multipliers all add to the excitement. If you are willing to stick with Neptune’s Riches, you shouldn’t be waiting too long for a win. How big that win is, is another question entirely.

If you’re looking for a slots game with the potential for high payouts and a gentle learning curve, Neptune’s Riches is a fine choice. Both new and experienced slots players will be able to appreciate this title.

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