Mustang Riches

For anyone who likes the pure chance play of a slot style game, Mustang Riches may bring a rather unique turn of events. The game starts with a reel that offers three free spins for starters. However, those three spins come in much of the time, giving players an opportunity to continue on with a progressive reel. It’s rather interesting the way it unfolds because you are suddenly, after a series of spins, on a reel/board with a grid of 5x6 and with an amazing 7776 different ways to win. Here is what we found to love!

Loving Those Time-Honored Graphics

The one thing we found with Mustang Riches is that the graphics are an amazing blast from the past. That’s part of the thrill of the game and really a very important one! Where so many games get caught up in technology, Mustang Riches takes you back to a true game of chance. The reels are set up in such a way as to give you that feeling of stepping back into a bit of history, which is a very real part of the attraction. That’s why so many of today’s games fail the player. Mustang Riches, however, gives players a graphical interface they can relate to without overdoing all those special effects that put you off your mark when wagering.

Our Favorite Feature – Easily Understood Symbols

This can be a real distraction in so many casino games out there and perhaps another reason why BlazingWays developed their dynamic reels with a minimum of hi-tech graphics. Those “easy to understand symbols” enhance a player’s ability to quickly assess whether or not to take the next spin. It would seem that in a game of this type, that is the best way to help players gauge their next play – or not.

Our Take on the Pros

What we truly loved about Mustang Riches was the ease at which players can ‘see’ what’s happening on the screen in front of them because of those easily understood symbols. Unlike so many games where symbols were created with that single game in mind, there is no curve of learning when you see a dollar sign or a rabbit or any other easily recognizable icon/symbol. The other pro that endeared Mustang Riches to us were the soundbites that were realistic enough to envision yourself in a pasture with these amazingly athletic animals.

No Cons Worthy of Mention

Since this is a true game of chance, there was little we could find fault with. While some players might wish for those animated graphics that wander around the screen, we find those to be merely a distraction and are thankful that Mustang Riches isn’t designed to disguise and distract. BlazingWays designed the game with simplicity and Lady Luck in mind. With few distractions, this is a game you’ll learn to love.

Our Take on Mustang Riches

Mustang Riches offers several opportunities to build up to a progressive 5x6 grid with those 7776 different ways to win. We say, saddle up. This is one game you’ll want to ride.

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