Mr Pigg E Bank

From Just For the Win Studios comes a fun new slot, Mr Pigg E Bank. It has a classic theme attached, with Mr Pigg taking center stage with 30 paylines and the chance to win up to $250,000! There are some fantastic features, so let’s get started.

The Best Features

To start with, it is worth highlighting the RTP. This game has a breathtaking 96.13% RTP, which means you know you will win a prize if you put a little money on the table. High volatility also grants peace of mind that there are many opportunities to win big money, not just the scrap prizes, and if you boost your gameplay by finding hidden truffles like bonus rounds and free spins, it is all to play for.

Game Format

So, what’s the setup? There are 30 paylines to uncover, which are represented in 5 reels. Mr Pigg leads you through the rounds; you only have to place a minimum bet of $0.20. Note that the maximum you can bet in any round is $50.

Best Features

There are a ton of great features to uncover, and here they are:

Free Spins

Everyone loves free spins, and why wouldn’t they? This game has much to offer in this area; all you have to do is look out for the triggering symbol. Free spins let you multiply the prize potential and earn big money just by showing up. Just land 3 free spin symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4 to receive indefinite tries at the best prizes. There is also an option for Super Free Spins, an undeniable top-tier feature that allows players to win 78x the maximum bet. Collect points from the main game to upgrade your free spins and see higher multipliers (5x plus) and bigger prizes.

Golden Wilds

For every reel, you will see a dollar tag; every time you land one, it is added to a counter. Collect three to trigger the Golden Wilds, which will expand down the reels until it reaches the bottom. This is an excellent shot at winning a bigger prize and is fun to watch.

Bonus Game

Players will also love the bonus game, though it is not triggered all too often, when it does pop up on your screen, it is all to play for. It can be activated completely at random, all you need is a token symbol on screen, and voila, you’re good to go. With four types of bonus coins to find and 12 categories overall, there are many chances to win a decent prize for your cash pot. The key details are that you could earn 15x, 40x, 200x, or 500x the maximum bet.

All you have to do is match up three of the bonus coin symbols to gain access to the winnings. Remember, the bonus game is only triggered every 1 in 417 spins, translating to a frequency of 0.24% for the average playtime.

So, there is a lot to celebrate about Mr Pigg E Bank. With an excellent and classic theme to play along with and stunning graphics, there is so much more than just the prize pot to appreciate.