Mining Fever Review

Mining Fever, launching in March, is a whole new offering from online slot game developer Rabcat that is already promising to make players stop and take a look. It's clear there was a lot of emphasis placed on theme and graphics in order to stand out in the crowded world of online slot machines. Rabcat knew they would need a hook to bring people in, and its managed to rise to the occasion and provide that unique take on online casino gaming.

What Players Can Expect from Mining Fever

With Mining Fever, it’s all about the design and graphics. As its name implies, the theme is mining, but not in the sense you are probably assuming. In this game, there are dwarfs sent underground into the mine to bring back the goods. The three main dwarfs are Thundar, Friler, and Bombur, and when they pop up on the reels, they can actually be used as scatters.

The theme is played out with the use of dark yet striking colors that are in contrast to the dark background. Everything just seems to "pop" on the screen, and give users a truly unique experience. This has become the norm with Rabcat who consistently pumps out games with incredible graphics and stunning themes.

Getting Down to the Basics

Getting down to the gameplay itself, you've got the classic 5x3 reel gameplay which offers 243 ways to win. Because this game has a lower volatility, you won't be hitting it quite as big when you do win, with 500x the stake being the maximum. If you like the idea of winning small amounts often, then this volatility will work perfectly for you. As for its RTP, it is 96.13%.

Other standout features include wilds, free spins, and mini games, all of which can boost your winnings and in fact extend your gameplay.

There is no progressive jackpot in this game, and bets are set from $0.01-$2. The low bets can make it ideal for those who enjoy longer gameplay since they aren’t blowing through their credits as fast.

In order to carry the theme cohesively through the game, the dwarfs are used on the reel as scatters. Each one has its own reward, so to speak, which adds to the element of surprise and fun. You can access such rewards as a mini game, free spins, and free games depending on the dwarf you get.

Is It Beginner Friendly?

Not every online slot game is beginner-friendly, and can leave some feeling frustrated. That isn't the case with Mining Fever. Again, its low volatility helps to make it the perfect slot machine for casual players and those just dipping their toes into the world of online casino games. You will pick up on the basics quickly, and the gameplay is smooth and simple - it’s really meant to be that solid all-in-one offering.

What this means is, come the launch in March, Mining Fever could be well worth your time to check out, just for the sheer curiosity of it.

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