Miami Glow Review

Miami Glow is the new digital slot game from Snowborn Gaming, working in conjunction with the titans of online casino game development, Microgaming. The result is one of the most unique slot games around and one of the most impressive aesthetically.


Graphics are an important component of any game. You don’t need photorealistic 3D graphics for your game to look good, but you do need to choose the right visual style. Miami Glow is something that lots of online slot game makers get wrong, but fortunately, Snowborn Gaming has produced a game that looks fantastic. 3D art is something of a rarity in online casino games, but this is one of the best implementations that we have seen. It is subtle but the use of a neon-inspired design makes it very effective.

The graphics really add to the immersion, giving off some serious Miami Vice vibes, but in a good way. The beautiful 3D neon artwork has been layered in front of a minimalist background with great effect. The animations on offer only add to the experience.


As you would hope, Miami Glow has an 80s-inspired synth soundtrack that complements the visual style perfectly. If you are into retro design, this is the ideal game for you. Like the visuals, the key to the success of the audio design here is down to how the developers have used the tools available to them. The audio design is far from overwhelming, but when you notice the music, it always sounds great.

Betting Options

Betting in Miami Glow is a simple enough affair. You can bet anywhere from 20 cents to $20, with higher bets opening up more active lines. There are 10 active lines in total available and eight regular symbols alongside the special Sticky Wilds symbol.

Special Features

Like most modern slot games, Miami Glow has a range of unique rules and special features that players will need to familiarize themselves with. The Sticky Wilds feature acts as a wildcard, able to substitute for all but one of the other symbols. If a Sticky Wilds appears after one of your spins, you can take advantage of the Sticky Wild Respin feature. This feature means that Sticky Wilds are held in position while it is active. If another Sticky Wild symbol appears then you will be entitled to a free respin.

There is also an obligatory multiplier feature that can trigger on any spin. The multiplier value is randomized, with 2, 3, 5, or 10 times multipliers all available. Once you have earned a multiplier, it will be applied to whatever your score is from the initial spin.

Overall, Miami Glow is a high-quality online slot game and one of the most solid that we have played in some time. If you like retros 80s designs, in terms of either visuals or audio, you can’t go wrong with this game. The developers have taken a minimalist approach and used it with incredible efficiency. This is a game that we would definitely recommend.

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