Mega Money Wheel Review

As long as there have been game shows in land-based casinos, on television, or in online casinos, you will always find some kind of money wheel to be spun. Yes, it is a game of chance but over the years the chance to win big has improved significantly because of all the little enhancements, added bonuses and advanced technology. Now with Mega Money Wheel and the ability to spin at an amount 500x the amount you actually bet, the excitement is renewed afresh. There are simply times when you feel like Lady Luck is smiling down upon you and if this is one of those times, let’s check out Mega Money Wheel to see if she’s calling you in this direction.

An Added Twist- Live Callers Merge with Digital Technology

What we have found is that people actually like the fact that Mega Money Wheel is like both a land-based casino game combined with the rapid results of digital technology. This particular offering from Pragmatic Play is both a live game show and a digital spin of the wheel. It is that human element people are attracted to and we are happy to say that we like this feature as well. Somehow, there are still players out there who feel like it’s too easy to manipulate outcomes, but with a live caller involved, the trust factor goes up more than one-hundred-fold. As the very first ever casino game gone live, this show attracted a lot of attention, and in our view, rightfully so.

Our Favorite Feature – That Innovative Random Multiplier

One of the features we truly love about Mega Money Wheel is that a player can choose the random function and if Lady Luck really is smiling down on them, they just might get the 500x factor. That’s a whopping 500 times the amount of a player’s wager. Combined with a live, human caller, this feature leads up to an explosive spin. Sometimes luck is with us and sometimes not. That, over all the years we have been spinning the wheel, is what attracts us time and again to the perennial game of luck.

Our Take on Pros

As a pure game of luck with no strategy involved, there are some pros that make this game stand out against other, less technologically advanced Money Wheels. These would be:

  • Advanced betting system
  • Strategized random multipliers
  • Straightforward and easy game to play
  • Wide range of betting options
There is a bit of strategy involved in that those random multipliers are assigned in steps according to the likelihood of numbers hitting. For example, the number one can get that random multiplier of up to 100 times the amount wagered. It’s progressive from there dependent on how likely a number is to come in so that the wheel landing on a 40 or 30 might get that random 500x.

No Real Cons to Speak Of

The rather odd thing about this particular review is that we haven’t come up with any real, tangible cons. The only thing we can have an issue with is that there are still only a few casinos offering Mega Money Wheel live.

Our Take on Mega Money Wheel

If we were giving this a ‘star rating’, it would come in at a minimum of 4.8 stars. It’s an easy to play game based solely on luck but those random multipliers increase the chances of winning big if you win. We say, just like that new car you are going to buy with your winnings, give it a spin.

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