Mayan Eagle Review

Are you looking for a new slot machine game to check out that is filled with bright, colorful, and fun graphics and a theme that pulls you in from the start? If so, the Mayan Eagle may be able to tick all the right boxes for you. Straight from All41 Studios and Microgaming, you'll be entering into the mysterious jungle and Mayan pyramids, making for an engaging experience right from the get-go.

Gaming Basic

While the graphics and theming are both incredibly well done, what will keep you coming back is the gameplay at Mayan Eagle. This is the classic six-reel five row style game with 15,625 pay lines. The betting can range from $0.20-$20 giving you a huge window of comfort. The max win on the machine is 13,000x.

As for its RTP percentage, this one rocks a respectful 96.32%, making it challenging but not overly so. It should also be noted that the hit frequency is considered to be on the high side, 37.6%, which is good news for players.

In order to win on this game, you'll need to land on matching symbols or wilds that appear on the adjacent reels, just as you would expect from a slot machine.

How About the Bonus Features?

While there is plenty to look at and get excited about with Mayan Eagle, it is the bonus features that really manage to stand out.

Some of these include:

  • The mystery transforming symbols where the gold totems will suddenly start to transform into another symbol when you land on them
  • The rolling reels which is a real exciting feature wherein new symbols will suddenly drop in and then your payout gets recalculated
  • The classic free spin feature that most slot games offer
  • Other fun bonuses such as the unlimited progressive win multiplier spins sprinkled in.

The Graphics Get their Own Shout-Out

Even though it has been mentioned that the theming is right on point here, it's important to note just how fabulous the graphics are. And it's not just how the game looks; it's the sounds too. They will pull you in and help to create that air of mystery and intrigue. It will truly feel as though you've entered into the Central American jungle, rich in foliage and natural beauty.

Ideal for Beginners

If you happen to be new to slot machines, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the pay lines, special symbols, and different ways to win. It should be noted that while the Mayan Eagle certainly has its fair share of extra like these, it's still easy enough for beginners to play and quickly catch on. There is no issue following this one and understanding the rules. It’s for that reason that this one can also be pretty addictive as it’s just a relaxing and fun one to play.

Well Worth a Look

So, if it’s a new slot machine you’re after, one that features fun and colorful theming, and plenty of ways to hit it big, then Mayan Eagle is well worth a look.

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