Maui Mischief Review

If you love all things Hawaii, then the new Maui Mischief online slot game has been made with you in mind. This one was developed by Old Skool Studios, who have created a couple of different slot games at this point, but Maui Mischief is by far their most solid offering to date. This one features fun and cute graphics, engaging sounds, and gameplay that is ideal for beginners to those who consider themselves experts.


The moment you launch the Maui Mischief game, you'll feel like you've stepped onto the Hawaiian Islands, thanks to the fabulous graphics that use some of the most iconic Hawaiian symbols out there. Even the background of the game has that Hawaiian feel complete with its bright rich colors, palm trees, Tiki statues, and nature galore. There are also fun sounds and music that help set the scene.

Predictable Yet Comfortable Gameplay

For those searching for something unique and really out-there, Maui Mischief isn't going to be that game. What this game does manage to do is provide a predictable, mainstream offering that is comfortable and fun to play. With an RTP of 96.47% it is rated at medium to high volatility, sticking to that comfortable middle lane where games are concerned. And just as you may expect, this game can be played on your desktop and mobile device.

The layout is the standard three rows and five reels, which works out to 25 paylines - again very standard. Just like you would expect, you need to place a bet on the pay lines before playing. Your minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $75.

In terms of the payouts, they will vary based on the icons that you land on. Five of any icon will get you an impressive payout that ranges from 5x to 50x. The highest paying icons are the male totems.

The Bonus Features Will Get Your Attention

While the graphics are cute and fun, and the gameplay is relatively predictable, it is the bonus features that can really grab your attention and draw you back for more. The free spins are the first feature worth noting, as this obviously increases gameplay and therefore increases your chances to win. The free spin can be triggered at any given time. For players who land on at least three magic hook scatter symbols, there is an opportunity to pick a prize, which can be up to 60 free spins. The three times multiplier in this mode can make things all the more exciting and enticing.

The other bonus feature that makes the game all the more fun is the Maui Mischief Wilds feature. Just as you would expect, the Wilds symbol can replace any other symbol in the game except for the scatter. Ideally, you want to get the wild during a winning combination because they you’ll get a 2x multiplier applied to it.

So, as you search for the newest online slots to check out, be sure to give Maui Mischief a play and enjoy that Hawaiian vibe.

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