Masters of Valhalla Slot Review

Do you tend to pick your slot machines based on the theme? If so, Masters of Valhalla is a strong offering in the Vikings and Nordic-themed slots. This particular theme isn’t new, but it’s not always the most talked-about theme and doesn’t always have as many offerings as other themes do. Masters of Valhalla is set to launch in March and has been developed by Snowborn Games and provided through Microgaming. What makes this one all the more engaging is that its theme isn't just fun; it's also intriguing and interesting to dive into. So, let’s check out all the pros Masters of Valhalla has going for it.

A Classic Nordic Theme Done Right

Just because a game is said to have a classic theme, it doesn't mean it has been done right. In the case of Masters of Valhalla, it's clear that the developer has done everything possible to make this one feel engaging and interesting to players, making sure to stay true to the theme at all times. It comes off as a huge success and even manages to feel unique.

From the background imagery filled with a snowy mountainous landscape and a gated entrance to the symbols that appear on the slot machine, everything comes together perfectly. You will notice that even though there is plenty of color used, it has a soft, almost muted look to it, which works with the overall theme.

It's All About the Gaming Features

As fun as the theme is to explore, it's the slot features that deserve a mention. While the goal is always to win in a slot game, here that goal needs to be more specific. The hope is to trigger the all-important Valhalla Bonus. Do this with the Berserk Meter filled and you've got the opportunity for huge winnings. When you land on the Valhalla Bonus, your outcome is determined by the symbols you land on, each one representing its value or reward. This adds another of anticipation and excitement to the game. Besides the Valhalla Bonus and Berserk Booster, other features include the Wild God respins and the buy bonus where you can purchase two different versions of the game's bonus round.

Getting Down to the Specifics – Examining the Statistics

For those who like details and statistics before checking out a new game, we’ve got you covered. Masters of Valhalla features the typical 5x4 setup which provides you with 1,024 paylines. There is a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum of $25, and the maximum win is 20,000 times the stake. The RTP is 96.0% and there is a hit frequency of 30.29%. For those who track volatility and use it as a determining factor, the game is rated as high.

If you are after a slot machine in the Vikings/Nordic theme and you want something that offers plenty of opportunities to win, then Masters of Valhalla could be perfect. This one is worth watching for and checking out once it is launched to the public.

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