Mask of Amun Slot Review

There is something very alluring and intriguing about any Egyptian-themed game and that is exactly what the new Mask of Amun online slots is banking on. Released just last month by developer Fortune Factory Studios, the game has all the mystery and beauty that you would expect ancient Egypt to have. You then throw in some exciting gameplay and you’ve got a real hit on your hands. But does this one have enough unique factors to stand out in its genre? Let’s take a look.

How Does Mask of Amun Differ?

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a casino either in person or online, then you’ve probably played at least a few Egyptian-themed slots. With that said, they can all start to look and feel the same, making it hard to know when one is worth checking out. So how does the Mask of Amun differ? Why should you put this one on your must-play list?

The fact is that Mask of Amun has several things going for it, with the most notable being the flawless execution of the theme. Not every developer manages to nail the Egyptian theme but that’s exactly the case with this game. The theme stays consistent throughout with it showing up in the background, on the reels with the symbols, the stats bar, and the overall feeling. The colors perfectly depict the opulence of that era in time and you feel as though you're being transported back in history.

Special Features and Bonuses that Elevate Gameplay

And while the theme does a great job pulling players in and getting their attention, it's the gameplay that will prompt them to stick around. Unlike some online slot machines that offer one or maybe two special features, Mask of Amun offers a handful. Features include free spins, bonus games, bonus buy, and the Gold Blitz. If you land on free spins, you can also take advantage of a random multiplier, thereby sweetening the pot, so to speak.

All of these features make each spin that much more exciting because you're more likely to trigger something big.

The Kind of Stats That Players Look For

As for the stats, the positives keep on rolling in. These are exactly the kind of numbers that gaming enthusiasts look for. The board is laid out as six reels and four rows providing a massive 4,096 pay lines. The volatility is rated as high, the hit frequency is 30.51%. The RTP is considered average at 96%, so no big surprise in that sense. You've got a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $50, which means it can appeal to all players from newbies to those who consider themselves high rollers.

Step Into a Different World

So, if you’re into Egyptian-themed games, or you’re just looking for online slots that offer fun and exciting features, then Mask of Amun is well worth playing. It likely won’t take long before this one ends up on your regular rotation of games you play.

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