Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit

Are you tired of the never-ending barrage of online slots? Are you ready to try a different style of online casino game? Why not opt for something truly classic – a bingo-inspired version? The brand-new release from Neko Games called Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit takes all the elements of bingo and infuses them with added action and fun. Here’s a deeper look at Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit, an online bingo-inspired game that promises to be immersive.

What Are Your Odds of Winning?

Anytime you play a game of bingo, there is one simple goal: to win, so how likely is that to happen in Mae Do Ouro? We’ve got all the statistics that paint a clear picture for you. There are 19 patterns here, with an RTP of 95%. The volatility is high, so this one won’t be a cakewalk. But that kind of volatility rating also means you can expect plenty of excitement.

Players can place a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum of $40. As for the maximum win, strap into your seat because this one’s a big jackpot of a potential $254,960.

It’s All About the Jackpot Prizes

As you would expect with any online casino game, Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit features a handful of special features, the most notable being the jackpot prizes. You’ll need to collect six fireballs to trigger the Fireballs Jackpot bonus. These can be found on the Jackpot panel, and you’ll need four tickets to be enabled to see it.

Once you collect enough fireballs, you are given 12 fireballs and six chances to win. Each of these fireballs has a hidden gem inside. Your winnings or prizes will be determined by the gems found inside. A bonus here is the coveted Mae Do Ouro character symbol. If one of the fireballs contains this character, you’ll get extra picks during the bonus game.

As for the six jackpot prices, they are as follows:

  • Grand Jackpot, six gems, and a payout of 10,000 times the bet per ticket value
  • Mega Jackpot, five gems, and a payout of 2,000 times the bet per ticket value
  • Grand Jackpot, four gems, and a payout of 500 times the bet per ticket value
  • Major Jackpot, three gems, and a payout of 250 times the bet per ticket value
  • Minor Jackpot, two gems, and a payout of 100 times the bet per ticket value
  • Mini Jackpot, one gem, and a payout of 50 times the bet per ticket value

Additionally, other special features include wild balls and free rounds.

A Dark and Intriguing Theme

To tie it all together, Neko Games delivers a dark, intriguing theme that feels perfect. Plenty of rich dark tones are used, which help the tickets/grids to pop even more. Things are kept simple by displaying the important stats along the top and bottom of the screen, with the tickets getting the majority of the space.

Think You’ve Got What It Takes?

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to dominate in bingo-inspired slots, you’ll want to try Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit.