Lucky Twins Link&Win Slot Review

They say twins bring good luck, and the newly released Lucky Twins Link&Win online slots will surely put that theory to the test. These slots are courtesy of Slingshot Studios in partnership with Games Global - which was formerly Microgaming. It's packed full of fabulous and exciting special features and a stunning Asian theme that works well with the game. Of course, it takes a lot more than a beautiful theme to coax players into giving it a shot, so let’s delve deeper into what makes Lucky Twins Link&Win slots so special.

Graphics, Colors, and Symbols That All Work Together

Once in a while, a developer seems to get everything right where graphics, colors, and symbols are concerned. That is certainly the case with Lucky Twins Link&Win where every element seems purposeful and works in conjunction with one another. As mentioned, it uses an Asian theme to ground all the elements and the storyline, and players will feel completely immersed in the bright colors of red, gold, green, and purple.

Symbols include the traditional jack, queen, king, and ace but the font used has an Asian flare that makes it flow with the theme. Other symbols include such things as coins, fans, cats, and decor pieces.

Get Ready for a Very High Volatility Offering

Then we've got the gaming stats, which are far from standard. Firstly, you've got five reels and four rows which alone feels fresh. Players have 40 paylines, so it's not huge but it still gives a solid chance of winning. The RTP is 96.23%, the hit frequency is 33.28% and there is a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $20. For players who are wondering what the big jackpot win would be, the game pays a maximum win of 6,110 times the stake.

And speaking of the statistics, unlike with most games where everything is on the bottom of the screen, you'll find most of the key information on the sides of the screen. Because the background isn't loud or busy, the screen has an uncluttered feel to it that most players will appreciate.

The Link&Win Feature Will Have Players Hooked

So, what's the unique feature of the game? The link & win feature is arguably the best one. You'll need to land on at least six coin symbols to trigger it, once that happens you get three re-spins. The coins remain locked and then the other spots will re-spin. Each time you manage to land more coins, you'll get three additional re-spins. This keeps going until there are no open spaces left.

During this feature, you can also land on the mini, minor, or major jackpot which pays out anywhere from 40x to 1,000x the bet.

And it’s not just the link and win feature, there are also power stacks and free spins to take advantage of.

When you first open the slots, you may be surprised at how clean and uncluttered the board is, but don’t let the appearance fool you as there is plenty of fun to be had.

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