Lucky Twins Jackpots

Designed and branded by Microgaming, Lucky Twins is a brand new video slot. This brilliant slot machine combines elements of Chinese culture, luck and more. It also includes some elements that we’ve not seen from Microgaming before. Discover what’s new by reading below:


Lucky Twins slots has a lot of similarities to other Asian culture and luck-styled games. There are lots of golden hats, feathers, fans, golden coins and much more in this game. In fact, anything the Chinese believe is lucky is included within this game. These lucky symbols – combined with the familiar card icons - may lead you to think that this game is just like the rest, but its special features might surprise you.


There are five reels, three rows and nine play lines to play on. The design features a golden leaf in the background, which is a great tribute to oriental culture. The main five symbols on the wheels also link to this culture and include a dreamcatcher, a lucky cat, and a bag of Chinese currency. The first step is to place your bets. There is an option for you to alter the bet size before you begin to play. You can then choose to play yourself or use autoplay, which will spin the wheels for you.

One of the small downsides of this game is that the five separate reels only support 9 different pay lines. These pay lines are fixed into place, which means you can’t adjust them. This may seem like a negative, but when you consider how cheap it is to play, it's still worth giving it a go.

These Lucky Features Can Help Anyone Win

One of the wildcards used in this game is the Lucky Twins own logo. It can be used to take the place of any of the other playing icons, apart from any of the special symbols. Like Microgaming's other popular title – Jurassic Park, this slot game also contains “achievements”, which can earn you money.

Fortune Comes in Threes, not Pairs

In most slots, the saying goes fortune comes in pairs, however, in this slot, it is slightly different as fortune comes in threes. Any player who finds three “twin” icons on their screen will be able to go into a free-spins round. This free spins round comes with a random multiplier, which may allow you to win a large amount of money.

Fortune Favors the Bold

As the saying goes fortune favors the bold. You may have to pay in a decent amount of money before seeing any return, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Lucky Twins slot has a huge number of decent prizes available to its players. If you’re looking for a simple game that has a few special features and gives out some brilliant prizes, then this might be the right casino game for you. The Lucky Twins slot game may be slightly predictable, but there is still something remarkably pleasing about it. This could be the perfect game for slot newbies to get started with.

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