Lucky Rabbit Fortunes Slot Review

How would you like to test your luck now that the new year has arrived? It's the year of the rabbit and developer Aurum Signature Studios is celebrating with its brand new online slot release - Lucky Rabbit Fortunes. This one is packed full of fun features but it's the graphics and theme that will likely keep you coming back for more. It's the perfect way to celebrate the year of the Rabbit. So let's take a look.

Not Your Typical Playing Grid

When you launch the game the first thing you’ll notice is that it isn’t the typical playing grid. Lucky Rabbit Fortunes provides players with just one reel and one row, giving them one payline. While this may seem like a huge downfall, once you begin gameplay you'll realize this works to the game's advantage. It helps to create a more engaging and challenging experience that feels unique. It also keeps things very compact, uncluttered, and easy to follow.

Keep in mind this one is meant to feel more like classic slot gameplay, so it won’t be as fast-paced and hectic as some of the other trending options right now. There are no confusing and high-tech features to get confused by.

The Perfect Nod to the Year of the Rabbit

As for the theme, Aurum Signature Studios does a flawless job of making it feel like a celebration. It's all about the rabbit, which is the symbol you want to land on the screen. The backing imagery is a stunning village somewhere in East Asia, filled with bright rich colors and lovely architecture. Red, purple, and gold are the predominant colors here and they play off each other perfectly.

A Massive Bet Range Makes This One Approachable

One thing that online slots can do is turn off players who like to place bets at the extreme ends of the spectrum. For example, if you like taking a risk and placing a high bet, not every online slot will give you the opportunity. Lucky Rabbit Fortunes has a minimum bet of $0.01 and a maximum of $300, you really can't ask for a larger spread than that. It keeps the game approachable for all players.

Other gaming stats are an RTP of 95.94%, and a hit frequency of just 8.53% - which makes sense with only one payline - and the volatility is classified as high.

Rabbit Symbols Will Provide You with the Payouts

Rather than the standard free spins, multipliers, and combinations, it's all about the symbols. The symbols you land on determine your payout. The maximum payout is 1,110 times the bet and this is accomplished by landing on three rabbits. But rabbits in general will pay out with one paying out 10 times the bet and two giving you 15 times the bet. It's worth noting that these high-line payouts are much better than a vast majority of games out there.

Celebrate the New Year

So if you want to celebrate the new year and embrace the year of the rabbit, be sure to check out Lucky Rabbit Fortunes slots.

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