Loot Boost

How would you like an opportunity to score massive loot the next time you give online slots a try? That's exactly what you can set out to do with the newly released Loot Boost online slots. Developer SlingShot Studios is giving players a new offering that will force them not to make snap judgments. While these slots may seem simple, be aware that there are plenty of surprises to uncover here. Let's do that and uncover all you'll want to know about the newly released Loot Boost online slots.

Just How Much Loot Can You Win?

Wondering just how impressive your wins could be in Loot Boost? The statistics don't lie; they look pretty good in this case. The game features a compact and classic-looking 5x4 grid, with plenty of space on the screen for other key details. Players have 40 paylines, which is the sweet spot for most. It's a few to follow, yet you still have many ways to win.

Speaking of winning, the game has an RTP range of 92.05% to 96.05%. Now get ready for the big shocker, the extremely high hit frequency of 33.71%. These stats make a lot more sense once you realize the game has a medium volatility rating.

The minimum and maximum bets are standard, at $0.20 and $50 respectively. The maximum win is 4,000 times the stake.

The Bonus Games Get All the Attention

Regarding special features, it's all about the bonus games with Loot Boost. There are two of them: the Link&Win respin and the Free Spin feature. Trigger either of these, and your winnings can quickly increase.

Other special features include:

  • Ultra Link & Win
  • Power Stacks
  • Bonus Buy
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Wild Symbol

Remember that some unique features are only available in the base game, not the bonus games.

Another Hit from Sling Shot Studios

To ensure it's a hit, many ingredients are necessary in an online slot game, and developer SlingShot Studios is no stranger to them. They provide players with a simplistic offering that is easy to understand and pick up, is perfect for players of all levels, and most of all, is highly user-friendly. This kind of game is ideal for casual playing, filling just a couple of minutes or longer periods.

The game has a bright and lively look with an almost cartoon-like quality. You're used to seeing symbols like cherries, grapes, lemons, spades, hearts, clubs, and more. It's got that old-school casino slot vibe that many players resonate with. It feels like a retro video game you would have played in the 80s.

You Can’t Pass Up This Fun Time

You will be hooked when you launch Loot Boost, as the developer has done everything right. This immersive and engaging online slot manages to tap into many of the most popular features of the casino-style game.