Lion Strike Slot Review

Do you hear that? It's the desert of Africa calling, with all its majestic animals, serene beauty, and stunning natural landscape. You'll get a small taste of this in the newly released Lion Strike online slots from Rabcat Gambling. The developer has taken a popular theme and injected its twists and personality into it.

Rabcat Gaming is no stranger to online slots and has delivered such hits as Legend of Olympus, Dragon's Myth, and Gnome Wood. So, do they have another hit on their hands with Lion Strike? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Let's Start with the Basics

A good place to start is with the quick facts and basics about Lion Strike. This one features five reels and four rows which provide 1,024 paylines. That many paylines keep it interesting and challenging, which is usually a hit with players. It's got an RTP of 96.13%, a hit frequency of 20.18%, and a volatility of high. To play, you'll need to bet at least $0.20 and there is a maximum of $20. Players can win a maximum of 14,000 times the stake, which by anyone's standards is pretty impressive.

While none of these statistics and information may strike you as unique, that's usually a good thing as you want to make sure it's a solid offering that skews favorably for players. It's also worth noting that Lion Strike can be played on any device - including your mobile devices - so you have true flexibility.

What About Those Incredible Graphics?

One would be remiss to review Lion Strike without talking about the stunning graphics. The animals depicted in the symbols on the playing grid look incredibly realistic and majestic. It helps to create a sense of awe and wonder in the game itself. The background looks like the African desert with the sun setting or rising, it's not clear - either way it's a very calming vibe. It feels like you can see for miles in the background.

As for the symbols that appear on the grid, the "Big 5" are all represented here - lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo. It's just a small taste of what you'd see in the wilderness. Besides animals, other symbols that appear on the grid are the wild card, face cards, and more.

The Slot Features Bring This One Home

What ties the whole package together is the slot features, which are nothing short of brilliant. You've got the free spins and the super free spins, each of which can yield big rewards. The super free spins are the best ones to score, and you can even apply a multiplier wild to them. There is also the scatter symbol that triggers free spins. The menu on the side of the screen keeps track of your free spins so you’re never left confused.

Check It Out for the Graphics If Nothing Else

So, even if you’re not sure whether Lion Strike is for you, it’s worth checking out for the graphics alone. Chances are that once you give it a try, you’ll realize it’s packed full of fun.

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