Leprechaun Strike Slot Game Review

Leprechaun Strike is a brand-new slot game from INO Games. It was released at the start of the year and has already become popular with slot players in the U.S. and other countries worldwide. But why are people drawn to this slot? Keep reading below to find out:

The Leprechaun Strike Game

In the Leprechaun Strike slot game, players work alongside a cheeky, fun-loving leprechaun to find ways to get the all-important pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You and your new friend must work together to outwit a grumpy unicorn called Bummer, who does everything he can to stop you in your tracks.

The Design

While many Irish slots have tacky graphics with an annoying Leprechaun, this isn’t the case with Leprechaun Strike. Leprechaun Strike has vibrant graphics that anyone would be proud of, and in terms of the Leprechaun, he’s not annoying at all, and he fits in perfectly with the visuals.

Leprechaun Strike Features

Unlike most slot games, there are no pay lines in this slot. However, don’t let this put you off from playing this game, as you can look forward to plenty of other features. Here are some of the best features of the Leprechaun Strike game:

  • Cash Columns – this game has three cash columns with six rows each. Each of the rows represents a different payout value. Players must land a corresponding symbol on one of the rows to add money to their Cashpot. If a player manages to complete a column, they will get a Strike Win.
  • Cashpot – this is the total amount of money you have won from Cash Columns. If you choose to withdraw this money, the Cashpot and the Cash Columns reset.
  • Leprechaun Song – to trigger this feature, you must land a leprechaun song symbol on one of the reels. This feature increases all cash columns by one row.
  • Bummer – If a Bummer symbol appears on one of your reels, your Cashpot and Cash Columns reset.
  • Rainbow – to protect your cash columns from a Bummer, you must find a rainbow symbol on your reels. This feature remains active until the Rainbow Jackpot or Cloud feature is triggered.
  • Cloud – if you find a cloud symbol on your reels, your Rainbows on the Cash Columns will be removed.
  • Free Spins – like most other slot games, Leprechaun Strike has a free spins feature. Players must find a Free Spins symbol on one of the reels to trigger this feature.
  • Strike – if you complete all three Cash Columns, you will trigger the Strike feature. Three pots will appear on the bonus game screen when this feature is triggered. Each of these pots will be worth a different amount of money. Bummer will try and attack one of the pots, and if successful, this pot of money will be removed from the game. The aim of this game is to try and protect all of the pots. The more you manage to protect, the more money you will win.
  • Rainbow Jackpot – This feature is triggered when a player completes all 3 Cash Columns with rainbows active on each. If this feature is triggered, players can earn 2000x their initial bet.

Winning Potential

Leprechaun Strike is a medium volatility slot with a 96.18% RTP. Players have the opportunity to win up to $200,000.000 on this game.

As you can see, Leprechaun Slot has much to offer slot fans. As well as having numerous features to keep you entertained, it also has brilliant graphics too. Why not check it out?

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