Leprechaun Links

Do you think you've got the luck of the Irish coursing through your veins? Why not give it a test with the Leprechaun Link online slots, a new release from Slingshot Studios? This game is packed full of fabulous features and gameplay, not to mention the eye-catching graphics and animations. All of this helps it to stand out in what can seem like a crowded sea of options. So, let’s dissect the game and examine exactly what makes it so special and fun.

Spreading the Irish Cheer

From the moment you launch the game, you’ll be greeted with Irish cheer. All of the symbols on the reels have been perfectly chosen to depict not just Ireland, but Leprechauns and the fables that go along with them. The background is a lush, beautiful and magical looking green forest - exactly where you'd expect Leprechauns to live. Besides the game board/reels, you'll find the gaming statistics which are the key details you'll need.

For those familiar with the Game of Thrones Power Stacks game, this one is from the same developer. Where that game was dark and ominous, fitting with the theme of the Game of Thrones, this one is much more cheerful and lively. It's a different vibe, one that will appeal to many players.

The Bonus Features Make This Game

While the graphics certainly help to add to the allure and fun, it’s the bonus features that make this one fabulous. Stand out features include the multiplier, stacked wilds, the stacked symbol, a link and win jackpot feature, free spins, a bonus round, scatters and more. There are so many bonus features that they can start to feel like they’re taking over the game – which isn’t a bad thing. It all translates to more opportunities for you to win.

So far, the only feature that can mess with your gaming is the adjustable RTP ranges - which isn't unheard of but does throw an added challenge into the mix. The fixed jackpot prize is also worth a mention. This is determined by the color-coded coins. The bronze jackpot is the lowest while the diamond jackpot is the highest.

Familiarize Yourself with the Basics

Finally, there are the basic stats for the game. You've got five reels and three rows which provide you with 40 paylines. The minimum bet is $0.20 while the maximum is $20. What this means is that if you bet the maximum, you can win up to 25,000x the stake. The variance is high and the RPT is 92.2%, which isn't bad at all. Meanwhile, you've got a hit frequency of 29.63%, which is also pretty decent. Looking at each of those numbers you can see that the game provides ample opportunities to players.

If you’re after a fresh new online slot game to check out, Leprechaun Links could be the perfect option. This one has enough features to keep you hooked, the graphics are fun and engaging and the gameplay is straightforward and seamless.

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