Legend of the Sword

Do you enjoy a slot machine that has a story to it? One that feels immersive, as though you're heading out on an adventure? That's exactly what the new offering from Snowborn Games and Microgaming sets out to achieve. Legend of the Sword leans in on the story of Excalibur, which for those who don't know, is the sword that King Arthur had to pull out of a stone. The game is meant to feel big, legendary, adventurous, exciting and even a bit mysterious - all of this helps to make it a great offering.

Plenty of Ways to Win Big

Unlike many online slot machines that feel like carbon copies of one another, Legend of the Sword strives to be unique with features that stand out. The game features five rows and five reels, which means you've got 3,125 chances at winning. As for the RTP, it's 96.12%, which is fairly standard. The hit frequency is 36.82% and the volatility is high.

You can place a bet from $0.20 to $24, giving you lots of room in between. This means it appeals to newbies just as much as experienced players. Winning can be up to 10,000x the original bet, which means it can be as much as $240,000. This will happen should you hit the jackpot. Keep in mind there are also several instant prizes, which helps to keep the game intriguing and exciting.

Well Executed Theming Hits All the Right Notes

While it's great to play an exciting game with plenty of chances to win, it's still got to be appealing from a graphics and animation standpoint. Not to worry as Legend of the Sword does not disappoint. The game board is meant to look like a piece of aged parchment paper and the symbols used help to add to the overall theme.

Right beside the reels is the prize ladder which spells out the different ways you can win. All of this lays on top of a forest scene with the legendary sword in full view, and the castles, cliffs and mountains off in the distance. While it may not be the most elaborate high-tech graphics, what it does is create an atmosphere that works for the game and ties the whole premise together. Players are treated to a more immersive experience.

What About the Bonus Features?

Finally, we've got to mention the bonus features which, for many players, are the most important aspect of any slot machine. Bonus features include Scatters with various prizes, free spins, the reset spin counter, the Camelot Free Spins Feature and a multiplier. In other words, there’s an impressive array of features to keep you engaged. In terms of how to win the most, you'll need to land scatters to make that happen. The scatters will be your best friend in this game.

If you like the idea of playing a slot machine that feels like it has a story behind it, you’re going to want to give Legend of the Sword a go.

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