Lara Croft® Temples and Tombs™ Slot Review

Gamers who have a love for all things Lara Croft® related will be thrilled to hear about the Lara Croft® Temples and Tombs™ slot machine release. Released just last week (May 8, 2019), players will get a chance to step into Lara’s world and experience all the thrills and excitement first-hand. Just as you would expect, the slots stay right on theme and the overall effect is a mysterious and intriguing vibe for which the entire series is built upon. So let’s jump right in and take a closer look at this brand new release.

Standout Features of Lara Croft® Temples and Tombs™

The first thing players will notice when they check out this new release is that there are 243 Ways to win with the Rolling Reels (5x3 reels), which also feature multipliers that keep on increasing. In order to gain free spins, you'll need to embark on the Free Spins Tomb path, which can be found right in the pages of Lara's famous journal. Another cool feature with the free spins is that there is a multiplier available that can award you up to 15x, which means you could have a real windfall of free spins.

Just as you would expect in any online slot game, there are Wild cards available that can help you to win the Golden Scarab Jackpot. The jackpot offers up to 5,000 times your bet, so it's a chance to win big.

The way it works is the more wild cards you collect in your spin, the higher your chances are for setting off the jackpot. When you do manage to trigger it, there are three jackpots that can be awarded. These are the Grand (the 5000x your bet winnings), Major, and Minor.

As for the minimum bet you can place here, it starts at $0.20 per spin, but if you are a high roller you can bet as much as $20 per spin. Because of that, you can expect that when you do win, it can be a pretty big pay-out.

The Graphics Draw You In

While the gameplay is smooth, easy to understand, and of course thrilling, it's important to note that it's the graphics that really manage to stand out here. As mentioned, every aspect of the game manages to stay right on theme, so players get a real sense of Lara's world. For those familiar with the video game series, and even the movies to a certain extent, you’ll see lots of familiar symbols and icons here.

The "setting" for the game is meant to be in Egypt, so not only will you see a lot of familiar items in terms of Lara Croft®, but there is also a number of Egyptian artifacts, symbols, and even gods that are represented.

An Immersive and Exciting Addition to the Lara Croft® World

Whether you’re a huge fan of Lara Croft® and her many adventures or not, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that this immersive game is an exciting addition to the Lara Croft® world.

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