King Tusk Slot Review

King Tusk, the King of Elephants, is here to ensure you the mightiest gaming experience of your life. This 5 x 3 online slot gives you enormous entertainment value and plenty of options for excitement to keep you coming back for more! If you have always wanted to let your wild side loose while you go for the win, this is definitely the slot for you.

The Rules

King Tusk is a 25 payline game with a traditional 5 x 3 reel that gives you a range of playstyles and potential strategies with a minimum bet of just $0.25. You get symbols that represent the greatest beasts in the animal kingdom to inspire you towards victory.

King Tusk Scatters give you an automatic 10 free spins that open up an entirely new set of features - Dance, Stampede or Gone Wild! Within each of these feature sets, you gain the ability to win even more as the game automatically awards you Sticky Wilds, Wild Reels or creates wild cards out of every elephant in the game.

Wins are multiplied by the bet per line unless you have a scatter symbol involved. Only the highest win is paid per selected line.

Most importantly, you have the ability to win up to $62,000 every. Time. You. Play.

The Features

Stay alert - individual symbols or even full reels may become Wild randomly during each spin in the base game. Every feature in the game has the ability to retrigger the 10 free spin bonus, so pay special attention to the Scatter symbols and other features.

During the free spin, you have the ability to choose from the three bonuses mentioned above. The power is in your hands to create your own destiny in King Tusk!

Why You'll Be Playing Again and Again

The excitement of King Tusk comes from the direct ability that you have to control your own destiny. With so many bonuses available and different choices available for each bonus, you can literally play a different game every time you step up to a King Tusk slot.

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