Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

Slot machine games are commonplace nowadays, and there are plenty out there for you to choose from. This review focuses on one of the newest additions to the arena, Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx. Read on to find out exactly how good it is, what it can offer you, and what makes it different from the rest.

Key Details

Jungle Jim was only released in November 2019, but it has already taken off substantially. Where better to set a slot game than amongst the pyramids of Egypt, finding treasure chests, gem stones, and other artefacts as you spin. Whilst exploring the temples and tombs of ancient pharaohs, you’ll find the main face of the slot, Jungle Jim himself, who’s around to offer a friendly face on your adventures and help you win big. The setting of this slot makes it new and exciting and is definitely a huge factor in what makes this slot so successful.


Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx isn’t just pretty –there are loads of features to make you dizzy with excitement. Working through the levels will give you a bigger and bigger multiplier, starting at 2x and working up to 20x. Rolling reels will swap out your winning combinations with fresh symbols, giving you yet another chance to win big without spending any extra – in fact, you can win up to 5 times with just one spin!

If you hit 3 scatters, you’ll find yourself collecting Sphinx symbols which each award you an extra spin as well as upgrading your multiplier, and if you’re unlucky enough to get no wins after 3 cascades, you’ll find yourself surprisingly lucky when you’re awarded a second chance without resetting your multiplier. This means that even when you lose, you still win.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx shows some improvements on the Jungle Jim series as the new addition has more volatility and a higher win potential than its predecessor, Jungle Jim El Dorado. Some players may be initially put off, and at a first glance, it makes sense. The symbols don’t have much value – the best symbol is Jungle Jim himself, who’ll only pay out up to 10x. However, when you consider the multipliers, which are quick to stack up and go up to an eye-watering 20x, placing the right bets can earn you a lot of money. Although you’ll enter stages of dry spins every now and then, this game is generous with its rewards, and it’s more likely you’ll find yourself stacking up the profits.


Bets start at C$0.10, meaning you can ease yourself into the fast pace and slowly build up your momentum.

You can bet up to C$20, and although this may seem restrictive to some, it is enough to get yourself a decent win.

Players use 5 reels, 4 rows, and 35 paylines, although this can be increased to 5 rows and 50 paylines over time.

Overall, Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx has grabbed our attention for the right reasons and is well worth the spins, both in terms of entertainment and rewards.

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