Jade Shuriken Slot Review

When it comes to online slots there is never a shortage of options, and for that reason, players can be pretty picky about what they choose to play. The classic-looking slots are great for nostalgia but don't exactly rate in terms of graphics, story, intrigue, and action. If you're looking for something unique then the new release Jade Shuriken could be the perfect option. The game has very distinct Chinese origins which are displayed masterfully through the graphics, symbols, and animations.

But this game is more than just striking in the way that it looks, so let's take a look at its many features.

Covering All the Standard Features

First, we'll take a look at the standard features which will attract a wide array of players. Jade Shuriken has been developed by Slingshot Studios and the launch date is set for September.

This is a 5x4 board that gives players 40 pay lines. It makes it easy to follow but still has plenty of opportunities to win. There is a maximum RTP of 96.24% with the volatility set at high. The minimum bet is $0.20 with a maximum of $80. You can easily see how this appeals to the big rollers as well as those who prefer making more modest bets. The max payout is 2,500 times the stake. This means you have an opportunity to win as much as $200,000 if you go with the maximum bet.

While there is no progressive jackpot or Megaways to speak of, that's not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it missed. Thanks to the graphics and fun special features, there are other things players can look forward to.

How About Those Graphics?

Now we need to draw attention to the theme and graphics, both of which impress. As mentioned, it has Chinese origins which are clear with the backing imagery, the sounds/music, the symbols, and the characters in the game. It's a sleek-looking offering that was given a lot of thought before its release. There is a desire to be unique and stand out in a crowded space, and Jade Shuriken manages to succeed with that goal.

The Ninjas are sure to cause a ripple of excitement the moment you see them, and the shurikens in the title of the game refer to the weapons the Ninjas use. Symbols you'll find in the game include bells, teapots, hand fans, and lucky sevens.

Even the colors used in the game feel exciting as they are bright and neon-like. These contrast sharply against the dark background image.

What About the Special Bonuses?

For many players, it's all about the bonuses and features that can increase your winnings. Not to worry, as Jade Shuriken doesn't disappoint in this category either. The features included are free spins, scatter symbols, epic strike re-spins, epic strike, and the Feature Trail that you need to pay attention to.

A Well-Rounded Solid Offering

Jade Shuriken is exactly the kind of game that succeeds in pleasing the masses, giving all types of players something to enjoy and take note of. This makes it well worth checking out upon its release.

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