Immortal Romance Maple Moolah Online Slot Review

Fans of the Immortal Romance online slots will be excited to learn about Games Global's new release – Immortal Romance Maple Moolah. Immortal Romance of course focuses on the lives of vampires with distinct characters who tend to feature special bonuses when unlocked. It became quite the hit since its launch, and in this latest version, it's no surprise that players are expecting lots of fun, fabulous graphics, the same consistent theme, and plenty of chances to win.

So let’s examine whether or not Immortal Romance Maple Moolah is a must-play.

Similar Stats as Its Predecessors

While not identical, the new Immortal Romance Maple Moolah certainly has notes of its predecessors when looking at the stats. It posts the kind of numbers that players look for and appreciate, which helps to drum up interest.

The game has an RTP of 92.03% and a high volatility rating. Players can place a minimum bet of $0.30 and a maximum of $18 with a chance to win up to $216,000. There are 243 betways, which is relatively common in the online slot world, but for newbies, this can feel like a lot. At the very least it helps to build anticipation and excitement with each turn.

The Special Features are the Main Draw in the Game

If you're looking for standouts with Immortal Romance Maple Moolah it has to be the special features and bonuses. These are what take the game from average to exciting, as each turn could prove to be lucrative thanks to the features.

Just as you would expect to find, there are free spins in the game, which extends your gameplay. Free spins occur when you land on three, four, or five scatters. This automatically grants your entry to the Chamber of Spins. The more entries you trigger, the more bonuses are unlocked. It’s a more unique way to offer free spins that helps the game feel more cohesive.

The jackpot bonus is another key feature in the game and gives access to the very fast-growing Maple Moolah Jackpot. Here's where things can get exciting since this can be triggered randomly at any time. It should be noted that to get the most out of the progressive jackpot, you want to bet high.

Then there is the wild desire feature that takes control of as many as five reels of wilds.

Graphics Players Have Come to Know and Love

And what about the graphics, characters, animations, and overall theme you may be asking? Not to worry, Games Global keeps things consistent here so fans of the series will feel right at home. The developer realizes a big draw of the game is the theme itself, so it’s not something they appeared willing to tinker and mess with. You’ve got all the vampire drama and brooding that you could want, and engaging characters that will keep you hooked.

Don’t Miss Out On This New Offering

You don’t have to be a fan of Immortal Romance to enjoy this game for what it is – a solid offering filled with fabulous features and bonus opportunities.

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