Immortal Romance Video Bingo

If you love gothic vampire stories and playing slot games, we have a treat for you; we’ve reviewed the atmospheric Immortal Romance Video Bingo, a unique online game filled with Latin flare and packed with bonuses and features. Don’t be overwhelmed with the intricate game display, you’ll soon learn it’s actually not so complicated. You are able to buy between 1 and 4 tickets, starting at a low price and to clarify, you’ll need to purchase all four to be eligible for the big jackpot feature.

Getting Started

To win the base game, you simply need to have matched one of your tickets to any of the 15 predefined patterns after the 30 ball draw has taken place. Set the number of tickets and your bet first, you can win between x2 to x2,250 of what you staked. Because of the dynamic video bingo features, extra balls become available after the base game is played if you’ve landed enough hits. If you’re prepared to add to your stake, you can use these to gain wins and unlock other bonuses.

To activate the Extra Ball Stage, you need to be within the range of a x8 win at the end of the base game. Triggering the stage rings the gong and you’re presented with multiple question marks. The price is clearly displayed so you can hedge your bets accordingly before choosing a new ball. New balls can create new wins on your tickets, and they can also hold coins that are collected in the Lion Door Knocker.

Landing the Jackpot

Fill up the knocker with coins found throughout the game and you’ll be awarded with the Chamber of Jackpots bonus feature.

Here, the stars of Immortal Romance Video Bingo, Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah, are worth x50, x250, x2,500 and x10,000 your stake, respectively. You’ll need to match three of any character to win the prize associated with them, and you’ll need to have bought four tickets to trigger this bonus

Extra Features = Great Verdict

If you’re lucky and win Bonus Pattern 1 or 2 in the base game, you’ll activate one of two “Pick Your Own Win” features. Eternal Chambers lets you select an item to reveal a prize; this continues until you either hit Collect or there are no items left to pick, with Immortal Picker working in the same fashion you return to the base game when either are finished. Wild Balls are an amazing feature that let you pick whatever number you want. So, if you’re waiting on just 1 ball to fill your ticket pattern, an occasional Wild Ball stamps in that win for you.

Whether buying 1 ticket or 4, you’ll find a compelling gaming experience with the mysterious story of Immortal Romance Video Bingo. With a RTP of 95.13% you’re not going to win every time but with the level of control you have over the outcome, we know you’re going to enjoy the gameplay.

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