Immortal Romance Roulette

Based on the notorious Microgaming title “Immortal Romance”, Switch Studios have collaborated with Stormcraft Studios to bring you “Immortal Romance Roulette”. The game should satisfy anyone itching to get back into action with vampires Amber, Sarah, Michael, and Troy, who represent four special bonuses.

Bets, RTP, and Other Relevant Stats

To place your bets on this roulette table, you must put up a wager between $0.25 and $100, which should suit gamers on a budget and high rollers looking to win big. The return to player (RTP) is a respectable 97.3%, and the volatility is high, so it sits slightly more favorable than other digital casino game titles. The maximum payout from the game is x2500, meaning you can take away $250,000 if you bet $100.

Four Special Bonuses

In the same way Microgaming’s 2011 title used the four vampires (Amber, Sarah, Michael, and Troy) to represent bonus rounds, Immortal Romance Roulette continues this trend. Here is a brief overview of each bonus:

  • Amber’s Desire. If the player’s bet covers numbers 1, 7, 19, and 27, and the ball lands on either one, the game will pay out 25x the bet.
  • Michael’s Wild Reels. Placing bets across 2, 8, 20, and 28 and landing successfully will reward you with 35x the bet.
  • Sarah’s Temptation. Covering numbers 3, 9, 21, and 29, the game will pay 45X the bet if the ball lands on any of them.
  • Troy’s Treasure. With eyes set on numbers 4, 10, 22, and 30, Troy will reward you with 55x the bet if you land on any one of the numbers.

These bonus features certainly improve the odds of this game, but it’s important to note the volatility level. After all, each bonus only covers 4 numbers, which means the house will always have an edge. However, isn’t beating the house all part of the fun?

The Tri Rise Bonus

There are several special Tri Rise symbols on the roulette, which, if landed on, brings up a screen with three symbols. Laying underneath each symbol is a multiplier, up to 2500x the bet. Choosing the correct symbol leads to high returns, but picking poorly will end the bonus game.

If you so wish, there is the option to gamble your winnings to reach even larger rewards. You only need to hit the “Gamble” button, bringing up a red and black diamond. Choose the correct symbol, and you’re taking away double, but choose wrong and lose all winnings from the bonus game.

Design Elements

Immortal Romance Roulette takes place in a dark, gothic, and atmospheric world that you’d expect from a bunch of vampires. When you launch the game, you’ll see an opening sequence that helps immerse you in the world. Everything from the colors to the movements is beautifully executed, so don’t miss out.

This game takes roulette and turns it into something marvelous. Join Amber, Sarah, Michael, and Troy now on PC, tablet, and mobile.