Immortal Romance™ Mega Moolah

Are you ready to add some fun, intrigue, and a little excitement to your selection of online slot machines? Are you always on the hunt for the latest offering that mixes a blend of high-tech features, user-friendly functionality, and a theme and atmosphere that is sure to pull you in? If you've answered yes to these questions, then you're going to want to check out THE Immortal Romance Mega Moolah online slot game. This one is from developer Microgaming and could be exactly what you need to shake things up.

Enjoy the Dark and Mysterious Theming

Immortal Romance Mega Moolah has a lot going for it but one of the standout features has to be how well the theme is executed throughout the game. It’s got a really interesting dark and mysterious vibe about it that draws you in and makes you feel invested in the game itself.

This isn't actually a unique game as the original Immortal Romance was released back in 2011. Fast-forward 10 years and the game feels fresh and new, with many of the fan-favorite features and elements remaining. But not to worry, even if you never played it back when it first came out, there is plenty to grab your attention.

This one can be classified as a romantic horror, and you'll feel all kinds of vampire and Gothic vibes, symbols, and graphics here. That alone can make it intriguing, as it feels as if there is a real storyline here.

The Standout Features

In order for a game to be a big hit, it's got to have impressive features, and Immortal Romance really pulls through in this regard. Some of the standout features include free spins, multipliers, a wild feature, and of course the Mega Moolah jackpot feature - which for many players is the real standout. Once you hit the Mega Moolah it will instantly spin again and give you either the mega, major, minor, or mini jackpot. And just as you'd hope, this one is a progressive jackpot.

How About the Basics?

For those who like to know about the basics before checking out a game, we’ve got all the important stats that you need to know.

Immortal Romance Mega Moolah features five reels and three rows giving players a whopping 243 paylines. It's got a maximum win of 12,000 times the stake (not including the jackpot), it has an RTP of 93.4% and its volatility is rated as high. There is a minimum and maximum bid of $0.30/6, giving you plenty of wiggle room there. Obviously, the more money you're willing to bet, the higher the payout can be.

Definitely Worth a Play

So, if you’re in the market for a new game, love the idea of reinvented an old favorite, and are intrigued by anything vampire-themed, then Immortal Romance Mega Moolah is most definitely worth a look. This one is able to pack a pretty big punch where fun and challenge are concerned, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked on this offering.

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