Immortal Creatures Slot Game

To say that online slot machines have come a long way would be a massive understatement. What was once nothing more than a basic slot machine has now morphed into an online gaming world that rivals that of some of the top video game platforms out there. Combine that with the fact that there are constant new releases being added, and players have even more reason to check out the various slot machines.

Here we’ll take a look at an exciting new Microgaming addition – Immortal Creatures. For those unfamiliar with Immortal Romance, it created its own stir of excitement and has since become one of the more popular online slot games out there. So, is Immortal Creatures worth checking out? Let’s review this one a little deeper.

The Backstory

It's clear right from the get-go that this isn't your average online slot machine, first off there is a backstory. We are talking a full game premise here that will help to create a more immersive feel to the game. It's not some generic Vegas themed slot game that isn't exactly calling you back for more. In this game, there are four main characters: Tyler (a golem), Ava (a griffin, Bridget (a dragon), and Cryo (a wolf).

The game follows the characters who start as a professor (Cryo) and his three students. They travel to an ancient historical site to explore a myth that surrounds "The Fountain of Truth". Upon sipping from the fountain, their inner creature is revealed.

How About the Gameplay?

While the backstory is intriguing and interesting, it's important to point out that gameplay also hits a high note. There are multiple ways to win such as scatter wins and symbol combinations. There are also wild symbols that offer the ability to increase your winnings and the bonus trigger that gives you free bonus games.

The rules are simple to follow, the graphics are engaging and exciting, and this game feels well-thought-out and user-friendly at all times. You aren’t going to be left questioning whether or not you won; everything is clear.

As an added layer of fun and intrigue, the game plays into each of the character's unique strengths. Each of the four has their own bonus that players can land on, and the results differ from character to character. This game truly feels more like a role-playing game rather than a traditional slot machine.

Unlock Characters as You Play

It should also be made clear that when you start the game, the only character available to you is Professor Cryo. You're going to have to keep playing in order to unlock additional characters. This feature alone will keep you coming back for more as it entices you to keep playing.

At the very least, Immortal Creatures is a game that is well worth a look. It just feels so different than your standard online slot machine from the sleek graphics, fabulous sounds, seamless theme, and gameplay. It’s got everything players are after, including fabulous chances to win big.

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