Golden Hook Review

How would you like to head out on a fishing adventure in the form of a slot game? You can transport yourself to the open waters, relax and reel in some "big ones" in the form of big wins. That's what the Golden Hook slots can provide in this new release from Crazy Tooth Studio. This theme is going to appeal to anyone with a love of fishing, but also those who want to feel like they are in vacation mode, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

The Bonus Features Will Reel You In. There's a lot to unpack in Golden Hook but it's worth starting with the bonus features, as this is where the game can "reel you in". There are a few to note including the Golden Hook Bonus fish, the multiplier feature (which is always a hit in online slots) and the very engaging fishing round where you can hook a fish and win big.

While there is no progressive jackpot in Golden Hook, it doesn’t suffer because of it. The features offered are more than engaging enough to keep the attention of players.

What Do the Gaming Stats Look Like?

Now that we’ve covered the bonus features, what do the stats look like in Golden Hook? Again, nothing is shocking or cutting-edge here, but that’s not a negative thing. Instead, it makes the game addictive and fun because players feel comfortable with it.

Golden Hook features a hit frequency of 41.08% and an RTP that ranges from 92.17% to 96.75%, giving it a volatility rating of medium. There is a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $40. That's a huge range to offer, which means everyone from low to high-rollers can have some fun here. The maximum win is 3,082 the original stake, which is right around the average amount.

In What Ways Does Golden Hook Shine?

Up until this point, everything may seem rather average about the game, but it must be stressed again – this isn’t a negative. Average and standard also translate to games that people want to grab for, games that are highly addictive and games that are approachable to a wide array of players. But that’s not even where Golden Hook shines. Where this game truly stands out is with the theme, graphics, sounds, and animations.

At times this one starts to feel more like a video game than a classic online slot, and that’s a very good thing. The graphics are fun and sharp, conveying the perfect fishing holiday on the water. The game has an almost cartoon-like vibe to it, but not in an outlandish way. There are plenty of bright colors, the fish are beautiful looking and the backdrop of the deserted islands off in the water help to create a soothing vibe.

Give It a Go

So if you’re wondering whether the Golden Hook slots are for you the answer is most likely yes as this one appeals to just about any type of player out there.

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