Goldaur Guardians Review

The latest slot from Alchemy Gaming is finally here; Goldaur Guardians. This top-spec slot whisks you away to a fantasy world of fairy folk lore, centered around a mythical and magical fairy tree that holds a secret entrance to a world filled with legendary treasures

Can you spin and win your way to a land of untold riches? Will you follow the Hero Trail and unlock the big wins? Rise to the challenge of Goldaur Guardians and test your mettle with King Oberon and the guardians of the fairy tree.

An Overview from the Top of the Tree

This fantasy theme slot machine Goldaur Guardians has an engaging story that helps to keep a player interested between spins and features.

Its story is backed by high-quality graphics, sound effects and music that give this slot a truly immersive gameplay experience that too few slot machines can achieve. King Oberon and his generals have real character and presence, and their story gives the game a sense of urgency that makes a player feel like they are on a quest, not a slot machine.

It isn’t all story, however. This slot machine is packed with features and bonuses that give it plenty of action too, and how these events impact your progress through the story make the game fast-paced and fun to play.

Packed with Features and Ways to Win

Underpinning the story of the Goldaur Guardians is a five-reel slot machine with three win-lines, which create lots of ways to hit a winning combination.

There are wild symbols and scatter symbols, but this slot machine is feature rich, so it doesn’t rely on multipliers to push your pot up. If you are going to get to grips with Goldaur Guardians, you are going to have to master Hyperspins, Hero Spins, and the Hero Trail. These features are the path to glory, and a land of legendary treasures. Goldaur Guardians showers you in spins, and it is up to you to make the most of them if you are going to get a return from playing.

The RTP and Free Spins Give Players Good Value

This game has a good RTP that should keep you playing and give you a taste of the slot machine’s win potential.

Hero Spins hit frequently, and show players what the features are capable of if you can get yourself on the Hero Trail or land some Hyperspins. The Hero Trail is this game’s best feature, and progressively awards more and more free spins, making it easy for players to build their pot and keep playing.

Goldaur Guardians is a fantastic fantasy-themed slot machine. Its story really is engaging, which helps keep you interested and entertained as you play. The bonuses are great, and give you plenty of ways to win, and with Hyperspins and free spins abundant on the reel, you’re bound to create plenty of chances to hit a jackpot, and reach the legendary treasures of the fairy tree.

This is one of the latest and greatest slots to come out of Alchemy Gaming, and continues their trend of making some of the most engaging games that are thrilling to play. Keep an eye out for Goldaur Guardians next time you go online, and see if you can make it to the fairy land and its legendary treasures.

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