Gold Collector

The Gold Collector online slot machine features the theme of an old-time gold mine where you will be doing exactly what you expect - mining for gold and hopefully winning the jackpot. This game has plenty to discuss and get excited about, but none of the features compare to the HyperHold feature, which will likely be the feature that keeps you coming back for more.

What’s the Big Deal with the HyperHold?

With so many online slot machines available to players, it can be hard to wade through the options and find something that is both exciting and unique. That is exactly why Gold Collector’s HyperHold feature is so noteworthy, as it truly is exciting and unique. This provides players with a hold-and-win feature within a bonus round. It's what takes the game from your average everyday offering to something that grabs your attention from the get-go and creates a sense of anticipation. Without this feature, the game itself runs the risk of coming off a bit too common.

So, how exactly can you get to this HyperHold feature? You'll need to land on gold coins that have the mountain symbol featured on them. Three of them will go ahead and trigger the exciting HyperHold feature; from there, free spins are given to you.

What About the Gaming Basics?

While the HyperHold is certainly the standout feature of the game, there are other gaming features. This one is a five reel board that provides you with a rather large 50 paylines. That can be a bit much to watch and handle, but at the same time, it adds an element of excitement. It has a medium volatility and the RTP is 96.40%. There is also a maximum payout of 1,200 times your original stake. Bets range from $0.10 as the minimum and $100 as the maximum. It should be noted that there isn't a progressive jackpot in the game, something that many players like to be aware of.

As you can see by all of those gaming stats and basics, it’s all very common and nothing too eye-catching here. It creates a familiar vibe that is something that players may be looking for.

The Theme Manages to Add to the Game

The game design and theme is something that can sometimes feel like an afterthought and not well-executed. With Gold Collector, it's clear the theme acts as a driver in the game and is carried well throughout the entire experience. At the same time, don’t expect anything too flashy and over-the-top here, it’s all meant to be cute, fun, and create that old-time mining vibe and experience.

Check It Out for Classic-Feeling Fun

For those who like the idea of a more classic feeling slot machine that is easy to follow, has approachable gameplay and graphics, then Gold Collector could be the one for you.

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