Gallo Gold Bruno’s Megaways Review

Gallo Gold Bruno’s Megaways is a new slot game to the land of online casinos. Quirky chickens, barn surrounds, and more feature in this intriguing entry to the slot arena. If you are searching for something outside of the box with a variety of gameplay options, then you may have just hit the jackpot.

Overview: What’s It All About?

Like every new game, it’s natural to want to know the main features before trying it out. With Gallo Gold Bruno's Megaways you can expect the following:

  • A highly volatile slot
  • Free spins and unlimited multipler
  • 6 primary reels (with vertical spin)
  • One 4-symbol reel with a horizontal spin
  • A selection of ways to win (117,649 to be precise)
  • 95.98% RTP
  • Minimum bet $0.10
  • Maximum bet $20

All these features are smoothly combined within a chicken-themed barn bonanza. Bruno, the gallo (or rooster) is the main character and his game brings together the best of a variety of casino-style games and entertainment.

So, What Can You Win?

Well, a high volatility rate means you might not win every time, but when you do it has more chance of being a substantial payout. If you manage to match three symbols across three reels, with an RTP of 95.98%, it has real potential for a decent profit return. You can technically win up to 18164 times the bet you first put down. You might even be lucky enough to trigger the Jackpot Hit Game if you collect enough wild symbols throughout your gameplay. Any of this can happen through Rolling Reels, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, and free spins.

Jackpot Hit Game: Tell Me More

Taking things back to a classic card game, the Jackpot Hit presents the player with 12 face-down cards. These cards are linked to four characters, each holding a different jackpot figure. Collect three matching cards to get the prize of the correlating character. Simple, yet effective, and it is hard to argue with the overall entertainment factor.

Rolling Reels

The only thing you really need to know about Rolling Reels is that when a win occurs, your winning symbols disappear which triggers new ones to fill in the gaps. If you win again, the same thing will happen and new symbols roll on in.

Scatter Symbol

For 12 free spins, find the scatter symbol ( G, O, L, or D on an egg) 4 times (each letter).

What You Should Know About the Symbols

Okay, so Gallo Gold Bruno’s Megaways has a lot of symbols within the actual player video footage. If you want to know what they’re all about, this is a little heads-up on what to expect.

  • If you land on a 9, 10, J, K, Q, or an A then you can expect a lower payout between 0.8 – 1.8 x your original bet.
  • For payouts between 2-7x look for the hens in blue, red, and green boxes.
  • Bruno himself is also a symbol, of course. This brings a 50x payout if you get lucky enough to find two.

It’s everything to play for with this fun addition to the slot world. With attractive jackpots and big payouts, it’s fun and rewarding.

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