French Roulette Gold

France is the home of roulette and Microgaming’s French Roulette Gold encapsulates everything about this popular table game that has attracted gamblers for hundreds of years. This elegant and sophisticated game brings together a host of features and the original single zero roulette wheel to offer punters the most lifelike version of the game you can play online.

Key Features

  • Single Zero Wheel (lower house edge)
  • La Partage Rule in play on zero spins
  • European Odds
  • Minimum Bet 1.00 Coin
  • Maximum Bet 970 Coins

Performance & Presentation

  • Beautifully stylish graphics
  • Elegant green and wooden livery
  • Crystal Clear and smooth animations
  • Easy to follow betting by moving your cursor and clicking


Microgaming have really pushed the boat out for their French Roulette Gold game, even to the point of having all the labels used on the layout in French. Fortunately even schoolboy standard French is more than enough for you to learn the game, more so if you already familiar with the layout of a standard roulette table.

One big advantage of the French version of the game is that if the ball lands on zero, you don’t automatically lose all of your bet (as you do in American Roulette), but instead just lose half the stake thanks to the La Partage rule. Over time this small rule change swings the odds in favour of the player still further.

Microgaming French Roulette Gold is a very enjoyable version of the game with smooth animations and easy to follow betting, even in the original French language. This is as close to a real version of French Roulette as you can find online, so why not give it a try today?

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