Foxpot Review

Online casino games provide people with a way to enjoy all the action at home whenever they like, and there always seems to be an influx of new offerings. Because it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and the greatest, it's important to take a moment and point out an exciting new offering when it happens. Foxpot is a soon to be released online slot game from Foxium, and is poised to be a fabulous new high-energy offering that can be addictive and fun.

Many of the Features Players Know and Love

To get things started, Foxpot really manages to deliver on the standard features that players have grown familiar with, and that they frankly have come to expect. This one features three reels in a 3x1 layout, and there is one pay line. It has an RTP of 96.31% but no rating has been given to its hit frequency as of yet. In terms of the variance, it is rated medium to high.

Just as you would expect, there is a minimum and maximum bet which are $0.20 and $25 respectively. The maximum bet is quite a bit lower than the typical slot machine, so that one feature alone makes this one a little more unique.

The Graphics and Sounds Manage to Draw You In

Although you'll be checking the game out in the hopes that you win big, it should be noted that the graphics and sound do an excellent job of drawing people in. This is meant to feel like a classic game, but that shouldn't be translated into a "boring game". Everything is designed and set up to feel just like a classic studio gameshow, the old school type that you don't see much of these days. To top it off, there is even a running commentary that is meant to make it feel like a true studio atmosphere.

There are plenty of bright and flash visuals which help to create an upbeat vibe and add to overall experience. It's got that happy good-time feel to it. To help drive home that classic feeling, the symbols are some of the most widely used out there, including cherries, lucky sevens, and other fruit symbols.

The Bonus Features Are Where It’s At

Graphics aside, likely you’re giving Foxpot a try in the hopes of winning it big, and that is where the bonus features come into play. Take advantage of such features as the re-spins, multiplier, and bonus wheel which can work to extend your game play and increase your winnings.

If you manage to land on any combo of the lucky seven symbols, you'll be treated to a payout. Land on one of the bonus symbols and you'll get to test your luck on the "Fox Wheel" which is made up of a re-spin wheel, multiplier wheel, and a money wheel.

What About the Jackpot?

As for the jackpot, you can win up to 10,000x your stake, which can be enough of an incentive to draw people in. Just think of the winnings had you placed the maximum bet allowed!

Although Foxpot isn’t exactly sleek and modern looking, at the end of the day, that’s part of its charm. The fact that this one is classic, simple, and fun all works to its advantage and is sure to draw players to it.

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