Fortune Rush Review

Are you a fan of all things mystical? Do you like a little mystery, intrigue, and even magic woven into your online gaming? This is exactly what 11 Enchanting Relics promises to offer, an online slot game set to release at the end of the month. The game provider is All41Studios who has partnered with Microgaming and it's got a fair number of features and bonuses worth taking a look at. Anyone familiar with All41Studios will know that they are responsible for several great online slots, and 11 Enchanting Relics looks to be another hit.

What You'd Expect from a Standard Game

When it comes to the basics, nothing sticks out in Fortune Rush as unexpected or unique, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. It means players have a familiar gaming experience which can help to increase its appeal. The layout is the classic 5x3, which makes the screen basic and uncluttered. There are 243 betways, giving players plenty of opportunities to get that fortune.

With so many online slots that have a high or a very high volatility rating, it's nice to be given an option that is set at medium. That alone makes the game feel different. Other stats to be aware of in the Fortune Rush game include an RTP of 96.08%, a minimum bet of $0.25, and a maximum of $125, and players have a chance to win up to 1,880 the stake - which is a bit on the lower end where slots are concerned.

One can argue that with stats such as these, Fortune Rush is well suited for those who are newbies and want to test the waters where online slots are concerned.

The Theme Is Cute and Eye Catching

Also getting a mention is the theming in the Fortune Rush, which can be described as cute and eye-catching. As mentioned it has an Asian infusion in it, so you'll find the symbols help to create the atmosphere. The dragon is the big and important symbol here, as you would expect, but there are also other symbols that help to set the scene such as a crane, Koi, the A through Jack, and a money frog.

The background music is very soft and soothing, meant to create a serene vibe to the game and it succeeds in that goal.

The Bonus Features Take the Game to the Next Level

While the theme is engaging and mysterious, it’s the bonus features that manage to keep your attention and take gameplay to the next level. The bonus features include wilds, a bonus game, and free spins - all of which can lead to big winnings for you. Any time you can connect at least three of the same symbols, you win.

There is also an Epic Strike mode that that will increase the awards. The prize will range from 1x your bet all the way to 10,000x your bet if you manage to land on 11 enchanting relics at once. It's also worth noting the Epic Pick feature that is random and can lead to more cash prizes. Once you reveal the Special Enchanting Relic in this mode, that's when the Epic Pick feature finishes.

How About the Bonus Features?

And last, but certainly not least are the bonus features that Fortune Rush offers to players. These typically tend to be what makes or breaks a game and for Fortune Rush, it’s nothing but glowing reviews. While there are a few different features it's the hold and win feature that gets a second look. The game manages to offer a different spin on this typical feature so it ends up feeling fresh and exciting. Other bonus features include the respin and free spins and the Lucky Draw.

Give It a Go

So, if you’re wondering whether Fortune Rush is worth checking out, the answer is a solid “yes”. Fortune Rush offers several familiar features with sprinklings of new and fresh features that are sure to entertain.

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