Fishing Floats of Cash Slot Review

Do you like the idea of going fishing but don’t want to leave the house? Now, what if we told you that rather than catching a big fish you could “catch” a big prize? That’s exactly what you’ll find when you check out Fishing Floats of Cash online slots. Gold Coin Studios delivers yet another hit, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to players. This is a developer known for instant hits such as Silver Seas, AbraCatDabra, Animals of Africa, Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab, and Aquatic Treasures.

Here’s a closer look at all the standout features of Fishing Floats of Cash.

Features That Will Make You Look Twice

There are many elements to online slots that work together to draw players in and keep them coming back for more. In Fishing Floats of Cash, a big draw is the stats and features. The slots are rated medium volatility, which can be attractive all on its own. It has an RTP of 96%, a hit frequency of 28.09%, and there are 25 betways in a 5x3 layout.

The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum is $40, which caters to all styles of players – both high rollers and those who like to play more cautiously. You won’t feel as though you need to break the bank just to place a bet. The maximum win is 5,000 times the stake, which is called the full grid jackpot.

Engaging Graphics That Have a Cartoonish Quality

In terms of the graphics in Fishing Floats of Cash, you can expect something that feels almost cartoonish. There are plenty of animations, bright colors, fun sounds, and cute graphics. While it's not the most high-tech game you'll come across, it's not meant to be and that's part of its charm. Think of it as something cute, fun, and casual.

For those familiar with Fiona's Fortune from Gold Coin Studios, this is a second reskin of the game. Instead of the Irish theme, this one features an American fisherman out for a good time, to catch some fish in the deep south, and enjoy some cold beers in the process. The backing imagery is almost peaceful in that it’s a large deep blue lake that is filled with amazing catches. All of the symbols play into the theme and help to tie things together nicely.

Bonuses that Can Alter Your Gameplay in a Big Way

We can't review Fishing Floats of Cash without also mentioning the special features and bonuses, for which there are many. If you're a player that picks a game based on the number of features, then you won't be disappointed. Features include bonus symbols, additive symbols, free spins, multipliers, respins, wilds, scatter symbols, RTP range, hold and spin, and more. Where things get interesting is if you trigger the bonus wheel. By playing the bonus wheel you can win the smaller prizes, the link, and win the bonus round, the mini, major, or mega prize. The mega prize is 5,000 times your original bet.

So why not check out the great outdoors and enjoy a little fishing for prizes and winnings with the Fishing Floats of Cash online slots?

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