European Blackjack Redeal

How often in blackjack have you been dealt a poor hand, or been dealt a great first card and poor second, or seen the dealer hit the magic card they need to win? Well in Microgaming’s European Blackjack Redeal, now you have the opportunity to swap your hand for a new one for a small fee, to see if you can turn things in your favour.

Key Features

  • Two Decks in Play
  • Redeal Option Allows up to 5 Redeals
  • Cards can be re-dealt to player or dealer
  • Double Down
  • Split
  • Dealer Stands on all 17
  • Blackjack payout 3/2
  • Minimum Bet 1 Coin
  • Maximum Bet 200 Coins


Blackjack gets given a twist with Microgaming’s European Blackjack Redeal. The game follows the usual rules of the popular game, but with one key twist; a player can for a small fee redeal a card up to five times in order to try and win the hand.

The cost of the redeal depends on the cards on show and players can elect to redeal both their cards, the dealers hand, or redeal the last card dealt.

Additional Features

  • Refined table perspective
  • Clear graphics
  • Animated chip selector
  • Ambient Music

European Blackjack Redeal is as flexible a game of blackjack as you will find. You can play this now at any of the Casino Rewards casinos.

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