Eggs Bonanza

Eggs Bonanza is a highly entertaining, visually pleasing slot game with a 5x3 reel format and an abundance of engaging symbols to play along with. There is a lot to unpack with this addition to the slot game arena, and this review aims to uncover the most prominent features before you go ahead and try it out.

Need To Know: The Important Stats

First are the essential and relevant statistics that make the game what it is. Though the display is important, this discussion will continue down the review. Let’s begin with the RTP, which ranks at 96%, a reasonable return to player percentage indicating opportunities to win throughout the gameplay.

Paylines and Reels

There are 243 paylines, above average in this arena, and a great reason to play. These all manifest in a 5x3 reel grid, which has a lot of bright colors and an abundance of funky visuals to keep you enticed. The maximum payout is around 15,000 times your first bet, which is also great, but only if you score all the correct symbol configurations to make that dream a reality.

The Symbols

It is fun to talk about the symbols you will see as you play along with the themed game, but it is also helpful information because it will teach you where you can win and what’s not worth very much.

Eggs Bonanza has 16 symbols in the grid, with only four being lower payouts. These are Q, J, A, and K. The best symbols to give players the biggest prizes are horseshoe, ladybug, chick, corn, and bell. The remaining symbols are mid-range, standard features that yield decent prize winnings but not the big bucks or the pity prizes. Look out for the following:

  • An egg
  • Golden egg
  • Bonus
  • Wild
  • Collect
  • Prize Egg
  • 1Up

The screen represents these with big, bright visuals and bold font choices, surrounded by various farmyard animals.

The Bonanza Bonus

Something worth talking about is the Bonanza Bonus feature. To trigger it, land three scatter symbols on reels 1,3 and 5. This will grant you free spins until the symbols run out to collect. It is all straightforward but an injection of fun and something to look forward to if you are lucky enough to hit this particular bonus round as you play.

Other Great Features

There are also a few more bonus triggers to talk about. These include the DOUBLER, which multiplies the eggs on the screen by two, making them worth more money in the prize pot. Next, you have the SPINNER, which grants one free spin to the player. Last but certainly not least, the one to watch is the PRIZER, which gives you extra multipliers as you move forward with the game in front of you.

Theme Wise

As the name suggests, the theme is heavily centered around farm animals and eggs! There are prize eggs and chickens everywhere and a big, bright feel to the gameplay.

There is a whole load of farmyard fun to be found with Eggs Bonanza. With a decent RTP and plenty of bonus features to dive into, it’s worth a shot!