Dream Date Slot Review

Thanks to Dream Date, you now have 243 ways to make your day go great. This is the medium volatility slot machine that is giving the power back to the player. You have the ability to personalize your experience by Era and Historical Theme. Your choices here and the way that you play will determine your Dream Date!

General Game Rules

You will be playing on 5 x 3 reels featuring beautiful visuals that include the Dream Date of your choice. The Error that you choose will determine the dress of your date and the suitors who surround that date.

You and your Dream Date have the ability to win up to $108,000 during every game. Make sure that you choose your preferred date as your highest paying symbol, and then be sure that you focus all of your romantic energy on that symbol! You want to trigger the Hot Zone feature, which gives you more chances to win and an instant cash prize.

Free Spins are a huge feature in this game. If the date symbol is the Dream Date that you have chosen, you get eight of them. Perform this feat in the Hot Zone, and your whole moves up to 16 free spins along with three scatters and a cash prize.

Bonus Content

The bonus content in Dream Date is plentiful! Focus on putting the Wild symbols down the center reel during any of your Free Spins and enter the Expanding Wild gameplay that features a to X multiplier. Within your Free Spins, all of the base male characters are converted to your Dream Date. This gives you even more chances to win your jackpot.

Your Dream Date is Here

Overall, you have 243 ways to win, and you only need to spend a minimum of $.15 to get the party started. If this doesn't sound like much to go on a date, you can rest assured there is no other shoe to drop – you are really in the Hot Zone! Do not give up the opportunity to put yourself in the room with your favorite historical characters surrounded by the most beautiful cityscapes and locations described by the best authors in the world. You can truly whisk yourself away into another place and have the time of your life with the most exciting people history has to offer.

This is a game that you will definitely come back to – after all, you can have this dream anytime you want. What are you waiting for? Over $100,000 worth of prizes are waiting for you - and so is your Dream Date!

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