Dragon’s Loot Link & Win 4Tune

Dragon’s Loot Link & Win 4Tune is developed by All For One Studies and has a colorful dragon theme and exciting wins. With an RTP of 96.24% and a high volatility, you can expect occasional big wins. However, waiting for these big wins should not be a big deal because you can play each spin with only $0.10, with the maximum wager being $20.00 per spin. Playing with the maximum amount allows you to win the maximum prize of $300,000.

The Free Spins Feature

The free spins feature means you can continue spinning without using money or placing wagers for each spin. In Dragon’s Loot Link & Win 4Tune, you trigger the free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols on any slots after a spin. Players get ten free spins and must choose one of the four provided grids or rooms.

While the spins run on all rooms, they collect tokens and winnings. You then receive all the collected winnings from the grid you picked. There is an additional feature where a player can win all the winnings from all rooms. All they need is for their room to have collected the most tokens or tied for the most with another.

Link&Win 4Tune

The player must get six or more Dragon Coins after a spin during the base game to trigger this feature. As with the free spins, the player receives four grids, with the first being the only active one when they trigger this feature.

Players also get a counter that starts at 3. Getting a Dragon coin resets the counter, and the feature ends when the counter runs to zero.

To unlock the other grids, the player has to collect several Dragon coins as they play in this feature. The only Dragon Coins that can appear here are those with a blank space or a random multiplier. The Dragon Coins are sticky in that they stay in their respective positions until the end of the feature. They are then tallied up to calculate how much the player has won.

The multipliers can be one, two, three, four, five, ten, and fifteen times a player's wager. Dragon’s Loot Link & Win 4Tune also has several jackpots, including the Mini Jackpot, which players can win by getting a 20x multiplier, the Minor Jackpot, they can win by getting a 100X multiplier, and the Major Jackpot with a 1000X multiplier.

Players can also land the Grand Jackpot of 5000X their initial wager if they fill all 15 positions on the slot.

Super Link&Win 4Tune

The Super Link&Win 4Tune feature is very similar to the Link&Win 4Tune we have discussed above. The only difference is that it starts with four unlocked grids instead of one. This means players can start collecting multiplies as soon as it starts, leading to bigger wins.

Bonus Pick

Players can also trigger the Bonus Pic randomly by landing one or two scatters or one to five Dragon Coins. This feature can reward players with a free spins trigger, a Super Link&Win 4Tune™ trigger, a Link&Win 4Tune™ trigger, 10x wager cash price, and a 1x wager cash price.

While Dragon’s Loot Link & Win 4Tune can look like any other slot game, it has unique features that make it worth playing. The four jackpots, the $300,000 maximum win, and the low wagers are good reasons to try this slot game.