Dragon’s Keep Slot Review

There is something incredibly mysterious, exciting, and a tad bit scary about dragons. The mere mention of their name is often enough for people to stop and take notice and that's exactly what game developer Gold Coin Studios is banking on with its new release, Dragon's Keep. The online slots almost have a dark and scary vibe about them, which plays beautifully with the theme. Players will feel like they are being transported to another place and time the moment they launch the game, which makes it all the more immersive. Let’s do a deep dive and investigate what makes Dragon’s Keep such a fun new offering.

Gamble in the Dragon’s Keep

What Dragon's Keep manages to do extremely well is stand out in what many would call a crowded industry. At any given time, players have hundreds, if not thousands of online slots to choose from, which means developers need to do everything they can to ensure their game pops. Dragon’s Keep checks off all the necessary boxes in this regard, as it feels and looks different from the typical online slots.

As mentioned, this game has an almost dark, scary vibe to it, and it works well. The dragons all have menacing facial features and because they are each in neon colors, it makes them all the more jarring. The backing image looks like a deep cave or a dragon pit, again with dark imagery that adds to the theme.

Perhaps the most frightening of all though is the robed man who stands in the corner of the screen holding up the stats board. Not only is he in a robe but he has a hood on, and his face looks masked. It's a creepy vibe that plays perfectly with the theme.

Gaming Features and Bonuses That Make Sense to the Game

Another thing that Dragon's Keep does well is use gaming features and bonuses that make sense to the game. All too often these features can feel disjointed, but that's not the case here. You will find all the standards such as scatter symbols, wilds, a wild multiplier, free spins, and a random multiplier. Because these are familiar features, players will know what to expect and that helps generate even more excitement.

The free spins alone can lead to some fabulous results as they can help you to score a random multiplier and even multiply wilds. The free spin feature can also keep going for quite a few turns, which means you’ve got a lot of chances to increase your winnings.

Let’s Not Forget the Gaming Odds

Then we’ve got the gaming statistics which, for hardcore gamers, is what matters. Players need to place a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum of $25 and they have a chance to win a maximum of up to 10,000 times the stake. The RTP is 96.06%, volatility is high, and it has an eye-popping hit frequency of 41.23%. As for the layout, it's a classic five reels and four rows giving players 25 paylines.

If you’re ready to go to battle with some very ominous-looking dragons, then Dragon’s Keep should be a must-play slot for you.

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