Dragon’s Cache Slot Game Review

Dragon’s Cache, created by Spinplay Games, is a stunning example of a casino slot. The aim of the game is for the player to attempt to locate treasures in the dragon’s lair.

The Game

The game itself is great. It has 3 different free spin features, allowing for different types of play, and keeping the game interesting as you progress through it. On top of this, the green free spin options actually expand the reels on the grid to 6 rows, which is quite a unique feature that we love. It essentially doubles the amount of paylines!

Red free spins give you access to the mega jackpot, allowing you to win 5000x your original stake, which is insane when you think about your average payout on these machines! Purple free spins are more standard and basically give you extra free spins with a multiplier.

The game has, as standard, 5 reels with 4 rows and 20 paylines, but can be extended up to 40 paylines with the right free spin combination. The stakes are pretty low in comparison to some other slot games of this kind, starting at 20c with a max bet of $50, but the 5000 x multiplier max wins makes up for that.


Spinplay Games have done a beautiful job of designing this game and it’s not hard to feel like you’re on a magical adventure when playing it. While the base game is similar to others in its arena, the graphics do a great job of integrating a story into the play.

There are many things to collect along the way such as helmets, swords and shields, which fit beautifully in with the theme. The game is also extremely accessible and can be played both on PC’s and mobile devices via an app. We really love the fact that it is easy to play on the go.


Dragon’s Cache is based heavily around free spins, and if you love this feature in a slot game, then this one is likely to be a winner for you. There are a number of different kind of free spins available, all unlocking different prize levels and bonuses. This keeps the game very interesting and allows for a longer play. It’s great that the stakes are flexible, with a huge max multiplier too.

The music of this game also adds a little magic and compliments the theme perfectly! The graphics are modern and tell a great story, making you feel like you’re part of an adventure as you progress through the spins. And, the random win multiplier on every single spin is a lovely additional feature and a nice addition to a traditional spin game.

Dragon’s Cache has an RTP of 96.47% which is a above the average RTP of a slot. This, combined with the 5000x max multiplier, makes it a very reasonable bet.

Overall, if you’re a fantasy fan and enjoy a good story, great graphics and fantastic music to compliment it then Dragon’s Cache could be a great option for you!

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