Dragon Empires Golden Age | Flying, Flames, and Golden Rewards!

Join the Dragons as they fight with you to expand their empire and return with riches from faraway realms. This high-flying slot from Infinity Dragon Studios has 40 paylines to play with, maximizing your chances of completing your quest and building your empire of gold. Its Medium-High volatility and RTP of 96.43% keep the action coming, and the Link&Win™ feature quest opens up the game with Prize Boosts and Expanding Reels to give you up to 3100x your bet. Fly high on this dragon of a game with a bet of just $1.00 up to $20.00!

Harness the Power of the Dragon

With Dragon Empires Golden Age, the Dragon Power Stack symbols are the most powerful in the game and with the full might and power of a dragon, it's no surprise they take up two slots on the reels. You can land Dragon Power Stack symbols on reels 1 and 5, and when you hit three on a spin the fun begins. The symbols transform into a dragon and empower your play with their might.

On reel 1, the red Fire Dragon lets you win extra respins, the purple Wind Dragon enables Instant Collect to win the total value of the Link&Win™ prizes on the reels. Reel 5 is home to the blue Water Dragon who will expand the reels and add more Link&Win™ symbols to them. The mighty green Earth Dragon also lives on reel 5, and this dragon uses all its power to push up your potential pot, and all Link&Win™ prizes on the reels are increased! The power of the dragons flows through you, as your quest continues to conquer this slot and unleash its riches.

The Wild Queen Of Dragons

The Dragon Queen is the ruler of the Dragon Empire, and she’s a Wild queen. She is on every reel and will help you make your matches as the Wild symbol in Dragon Empires Golden Age. The Dragon Queen’s riches are in the Link&Win™ chests. Collect 6 of these on your spin to open up the chests and begin the Link&Win™ feature, which can pay out up to 3100x your bet with multipliers!

You get 3 base spins of the Link&Win™ game unless you have the power of the red Flame Dragon who will give you an extra pair of spins for a total of 5. Your chests stay on the reels, and fresh symbols hit the board around them when you spin. Land more chests to get more spins! There are Mini, Major, and Mega to land that will give you a Bonus Prize and treasure chests will unlock multipliers from 0.5x to 5x on your bet or additional bonus prizes.

Flying High in The Dragon Empire

With so many ways to win thanks to its generous paylines, and great features that can be powered up with the might of the four dragons, you will have to search far and wide for a more fun and active slot. Bets can be placed from $1.00 to $20.00, so there can be a lot of gold for you to win for the empire in this game if you want there to be too. Climb on board your dragon, and soar in the sky to win your treasure with Dragon Empires Golden Age!

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