Dr. Watts Up Slot Review

Here's a doctor you're going to want to visit, as you never know just how lucky you could be. Dr. Watts Up is a new release from Games Global and is as weird and crazy as it is fun. Take everything you think you know about a typical doctor and throw it out the window, because Dr. Watts is more of a mad scientist than a typical doctor. With a theme as fun as this, it’s easy to see why this online slot is guaranteed to grab the attention of players. Let’s investigate what makes this one a must-play.

The Animations, Sounds, and Graphics Shine

While there are plenty of things worth pointing out in Dr. Watts Up, it will likely be the animations, graphics, and sounds that are first to grab you. Everything is just very fun, weird, and magnificent here. Again, think along the lines of a mad scientist as Dr. Watts has plenty of crazy inventions and interesting "helpers" in his lab. The use of neon colors helps the screen to feel alive and the fact that the playing grid resembles some kind of power grid complete with gears and a liquid "fuel" just adds to the atmosphere.

It's clear that Dr. Watts is doing some rather spooky and strange experiments in his lab, and he is always prominent on the screen. This one excels as a quick and casual game, yet it can also keep you entertained for longer.

As for the symbols on the playing grid, you’ll see plenty of wacky ones such as beakers filled with mystery solutions, lab animals, test tubes, power units, a rather strange-looking robot, a monkey lab assistant, a computer, and more.

A High Volatility Offering Keeps You Engaged

Wondering what other elements will keep you engaged besides the fun graphics? The gaming stats of course! This is a high-volatility offering, which means even the most diehard slot players will find it challenging to win. There are five reels and three rows offering up just nine paylines. That's rather small by most standards, but it helps to feed into the whole excitement and challenge of it. The hit frequency is 22.86%, which is also considered low and there is an RTP of 96.61%. The minimum bet is $0.09 with a maximum of $18 for the high rollers in the crowd. The maximum win is up to 5,000 times the stake.

A Handful of Special Features to Explore

If the gaming stats weren't enough to grab your attention, then the handful of special features may be what you're after. There is a feature tube that can result in cash prizes, free spins, a wild reel, or a mystery reel - all of which will benefit you. The Wild symbol is a coveted one that can help you to get that maximum payout. Then the Wild Reel tube turns up the excitement level and possibly increases your pot, while the free spins help to extend your gameplay and your chances of winning.

Weirdly Wonderful and Worth Checking Out

Dr. Watts Up is an example of an online slot that feels a little strange and weird and yet it draws you in immediately. This one is worth checking out regardless of your gaming style.

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