Double Lucky Lines

If you’re looking to shake things up and try an all-new online slot game, then the Double Lucky Line video slot from Just for the Win could be just what you're after. With an official release date of Jan. 14, 2020 this one features five reels, three rows, and 17 paylines that offer non-stop fun and excitement. It's Asian theme only adds to the fun and allure of the game, which will pretty much have you hooked from the get-go.

Where to Play the Game

This game is meant for on-the-go fun and with that said, it works on all the various mobile devices both Android and iOS. That means your smartphone and tablet, so you can have a quick game on the go, or settle in for a longer game. Because it is optimized for mobile use, you’ll find everything displays as it’s meant to on the screen, and it’s user-friendly.

How About the Gameplay?

Of course, the big question here is what the gameplay is like, and how easy it is to win. The official RTP (return to player) is 96.02%, so it's definitely decent, and you've got a maximum payout of 2,500x. There is also a hit rate of one in four spins. Expert rate this one at about medium volatility, with small and steady payouts rather than huge jackpots.

Standout features include the Random Wild, which can switch up symbol positions and can happen at any time, free spins, the Double Lucky Line, and scatter symbols. All of this is meant to add to the excitement of the game and create that sense of unpredictability that slot machines are known for.

How About the Graphics?

If there was one downfall of the game it may be in the graphics department. It's not that they are bad, it's that they aren't overly exciting. That's not to say it takes away from the gameplay, however, it just isn't able to compete with some of the other offerings out there where graphics are concerned.

For anyone who has played the game Tweethearts, also from Just for the Win, this particular offering is basically exactly the same gameplay, but with an Asian theme. Many are calling it a clone of Tweethearts, so there’s not much “new” to see here.

As for the graphics used, it is all very traditional in tone. You’ll spot all the usual dragons and royals associated with the Asian theme, as well as frogs and turtles. The color is a distinctive gold or red, which is eye-catching.

Where Double Lucky Line Shines

So, where does Double Lucky Line Shine? It would have to be in the fact that this one offers solid, steady gameplay. Sure, it’s nothing over the top exciting, but not everyone is looking for all the bells and whistles each time. Instead, you get a game that is easy to follow and understand, has a decent RTP and can be just as fun for beginners as it is for those with plenty of online slot machine experience.

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