Diamond King Jackpots Review

If you're tired of the same old same old when it comes to online slot machines, it's time to step things up and check out Diamond King Jackpots, which is all about excitement and high-energy. The moment you launch this game, you'll be greeted to its action-packed theming which is that of the African Savannah. It's not your typical slot machine, and right there that is enough to draw most players in, at least initially. But it's not just great and exciting theming; Diamond King Jackpots has a whole lot of fun and chances to win for players.

What Makes the Game So Exciting?

So, why should you check out Diamond King Jackpots other than the fun and unusual theming? Well, it's got all kinds of features going for it that should appeal to any level of player out there. Let's start with the fact that it uses the standard five by four spinning reels, which means players have 1,024 ways to win.

And then there is the Power Range feature, which amplifies your winnings, making it all the more exciting. If you're playing the base level game, then the Power Range features the middle two positions on reel number two, three, and four. Any time a wild symbol lands in that range, you'll get a 2x wild multiplier.

Bonuses and Rewards

Now, if you happen to get a free spin when the Power Range is activated, then you're looking at even more rewards. And it's important to point out that the multipliers are also in play, which can equal 2x, 3x, or a whopping 5x. Unlike in some games, multipliers in the Diamond King Jackpots will apply to any screen in order to win.

So, that means players can take advantage of a wild symbol, multipliers, a bonus trigger symbol, free spins, the Diamond Jackpot Feature, the Power Range, Buy Feature, and free games. The only feature this one is missing out on is the scatter symbol, but thanks to all the other offerings, it's not really missed.

Now Let's Talk Big Picture

So, we've covered all the gaming details, but what about the big picture? Truly, it's all about the theming here, which is done to perfection. The Africa Savannah looks just as you would picture it, and you'll see plenty of rich and natural colors on the screen.

Many of the symbols are things you’d find in the Africa Savannah, which just adds to the gorgeous theming. The large lion that sits on the screen is both imposing and eye-catching, and the nature in the background can't help but draw you in.

This one can be played on mobile devices and on your desktop computer, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. It's set to release the first week of December and boasts an RTP of 96.44% and has a variance rating of medium high. The bet minimum is $, €, £ 0.1 and the maximum is $, €, £ 25

So, if you’re ready for something a little different in terms of online slots, Diamond King Jackpots can definitely offer just that.

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